Juleo and Romiet: Comedy Play for KS4

There were genuine laugh out loud moments, and this was just as I read it. N Phillips, Head of Drama, Independent Reviewer

This is an original comedy play about a school putting on a performance of Romeo and Juliet: pressure mounts, with funny consequences. Perfect to explore Shakespearian tragedy and comedy!

Also includes teacher’s notes and starter activities for each of the 13 scenes to assist in the delivery and direction of the play. Inexpensive to deliver as a performance piece, useful for general KS4 work or to prepare for an exam.

  • Running time: approximately 30 minutes
  • Characters: 12

Juleo and Romiet introduces: Miss Zaharova, a pompous and theatrical diva who clearly believes that, if life were just, she should be with the Royal Shakespeare Company; the girl with the permanent cold and the caretaker’s ‘Pat me!’ sign which appears on his back constantly.