Python Programming Guide for KS4 (Py3)

An excellent resource which any school using Python would be well advised to purchase. P Chapman, HoD & Independent Reviewer

The perfect companion for any KS4 student learning to program using Python – including those studying GCSE Computer Science.

Chapter list:
  1. Numbers and Basic Operations
  2. Values, Variables and Expression
  3. Data Types
  4. Functions
  5. Control Structures
  6. Lists
  7. Working with Files
  8. Classes
  9. Dealing with Errors

Broken into nine chapters, each containing:

  • Student-friendly explanations interspersed with annotated example code snippets; packed with hints and tips throughout!
  • Extensive end-of-chapter student exercises:
  1. Programming challenges test students' problem-solving skills in a progressive manner
  2. Questions get students thinking about programming theory and Python code
  • Plus 'What you will learn', 'What you should already know' and 'Keyword' overviews

Also includes:
  • Practice controlled assessment-style task with full exemplar solution
  • Model solutions to all exercises in both paper and electronic (.py) formats
  • Glossary of key terms
Provides everything that a teacher new to teaching programming needs to get started and be confident in teaching programming...Clear and easy to follow, it covers everything the pupils need to know and at a price that allows me to give every pupil their own copy... It gives clear explanations of terminology and provides a wide range of exercises and projects at different levels with solutions. E Grant, Head of ICT & customer
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