21 Emergency Cover Lessons for KS3 Religious Studies - school site licence

Just what is needed for more meaningful RE supply. N Boyce, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Be prepared for staff absence with ‘pick up and go’ lessons – specifically designed for cover by non-specialists. Ensure high quality lessons, even for unplanned cover.

  • Interesting lessons engage students
  • Core topics taught with personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS) embedded – students make progress in their learning
  • Design to meet the aims of the Non-Statutory Framework for RE

Relevant and structured lessons that your supply teachers can pick up quickly.

  • 21 clear lesson plans, properly structured from objectives and starters, to main activities and plenaries.
  • All timings and resources provided.
  • Self-contained with minimal photocopying required – maximum one worksheet and one handout per student
Lessons include: Picturing God • Belief Statements • Leaders • Places of Worship • Spirituality • Festivals • Create Your Own Religion • The Perfect Community • Holy Books • Music in Religion • The Golden Rule • The Goods and Bads of Religion • Conscience • Saints • Symbolism • Weddings • Rites of Passage • World Religions • Big Questions • Rights and Responsibilities • Poverty

2 ways of using:
❶ Students use worksheets independently with minimal teacher interaction
❷ Additional notes allow the active cover teacher to further engage and challenge students • facilitating discussions

What do teachers say about this resource? (5074)

Very useful... takes away the worry of lessons missed due to unexpected absence." J Simpsom, Religious Studies Teacher and Satisfied Customer

Perfect for those last minute cover lesson when a member of the department unexpectedly calls in sick. Gives [students] a cover lesson worth having! Perfect for what I needed as a very busy HOS." J Bainbridge, HOS and Satisfied Customer

'Comprehensive and helpful - a useful pack for any school! I particularly liked: - format of lessons with starter, main and plenary - inclusion of extension/higher thinking questions - amount of teacher input needed and resources required - clear... Just what is needed for more meaningful RE supply - covers key elements of national curriculum and lead up to GCSE RE... Lesson 12 is a really engaging, interesting lesson.' N Boyce, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer

'Very thorough – I liked it... A very good resources for cover lessons... Liked the layout of the lesson - including starter, activity and plenary... Ofsted are looking for progression throughout each lesson - what they know of the subject at the start.. and what they know by the finish... Easy for students and teachers to follow.' D Brodowska, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer

'A generically good resource with a fantastic concept... it was clearly well thought out and developed... Perfect for the needs of a supply teacher.' A Jones, Head of Religious Studies & Independent Reviewer

'Clear and concise, some great ideas and very little adaptation needed... I liked the layout - the stand alone lessons, that you didn't have to be a graduate in RE to explain...good to leave for others as cover work... It starts from the pupils so not necessarily needed previous knowledge but is able to be adapted easily.' P Allen, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer