Nadia: The Silent Girl: An Original Play for KS4

“The night they took me and my sister, I had to kill my cousin with a gun.”

Nadia, a young girl, is found wandering St Pancras International station alone. How she got there and where she came from is a mystery to everyone except the audience. Nadia symbolises the brutal treatment of child soldiers.

A 20-minute, one-act original play written specifically for KS4 students studying Drama and Performing Arts. The play is suitable for 7 or 8 actors. The script is accompanied by useful notes on:

  • how this play helps students meet their Assessment Objectives
  • tips for students when delivering the play
  • suggestions for drama warm-ups
  • off-text work
  • further research material to really engage the students with the subject matter of the play

Also includes AQA specific guidance on how this script can be used.

Excellent… As always, a great resource by this author.N Stirk, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer