Criminal Law Revision Guide OCR Unit G153

Updated August 2011 to reflect changes in law over the last year

90 pages of essential notes, comprehension activities, up-do-date case studies and sound advice on exam technique, covering the whole of Unit G153. Written by an experienced examiner. All answers provided.
  • Bullet-point notes presenting need-to-know content in short, snappy sentences to aid maximum retention
  • Tips on how to tackle the exam ensuring students are prepared beyond knowing the subject content
  • A grade material: ‘Stretch and Challenge’ and synoptic element covered
  • Exam-style A, B and C type questions including what the examiner gives marks for

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4439)

'I particularly like this resource because It provides a very useful alternative to the text in a format which most of my students find a more useful basis to revise from. It is clear, simple and to the point but also has that depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to achieve grades in the exam.' S Parker, Head of Law and ZigZag Education Customer

'Very good. ZigZag have resources at their best - clear, precise, concise, logically and coherently presented.' S Parker, Head of Law and ZigZag Education Customer

Reviews for 1 st edition: " By far one of the most suitable A2 guides on the market. My learners and I would gain tremendously from this resource." — A Christie, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer " Perfect! The information is clear and precise... The guidance given on what exactly is required by OCR re the exam is excellent... This guide gives confidence to students in their knowledge of the criminal law." — J Howard, Law Teacher and Independent Reviewer