PHP on a Stick | The ultimate solution for learning PHP and SQLite

I am trying to learn PHP and have found this resource outstanding.

– M Northern, PHP on a Stick user

This unique all-in-one tool allows students to learn about, develop and run their own PHP and SQLite projects straight from a USB memory stick! Ease of use and engaging interactivity increases learning.

  • 32 interactive tutorials on all aspects of programming and databases
    PHP Chapters: What is PHP?, Syntax, Commenting your code, Variables and Constants, Strings, Operators, If, If-Else, Switch, Looping (While, For, Do While), Arrays, Forms (POST and GET), and htmlentities, Functions, Date Functions, Session Variables, Cookies, Files, Uploading Files, Images, Graphics, Email, Handling Errors
    SQLite Chapters: Introduction to Databases, Database Design and Normalisation, Introduction to SQL, Introduction to SQLite, Create Databases, Create Tables, Insert Records, Select Records, Update Records, Delete Records, SQL Functions, SQLite Manager

  • 8 working demonstrations with detailed explanations
    Address book, booking system, quiz generator + more!

  • Unique Sandbox tool to build, run and save projects
    Code editor, import files, backup to Zip + more!

Includes CD with master files to copy directly to students’ memory sticks (memory sticks not included)

  • Ready to go – no additional software required
  • Run PHP applications locally – no web server required
  • Perfect for projects and coursework