Citizen Scripts
Available separately for KS3 and KS4

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The resource is a dozen short play scripts, to be read in groups. The scripts are a great way to introduce source material with a range of activities & discussions supporting each script. The resource covers issues listed in the Citizenship guidelines.

KS3 Script titles: Look after your own; School Council; Looking Good; Anyone Would Do; Messing Around; Nicked; Is it Worth it?; Stranger Danger; Looking Around; Giving it all Away; A Good Job?; The Whole Picture; It's all a Plot.

KS4 Script titles: Family Feud; Go Green; The Lads; Living in the Past?; What are they Looking for?; Deciding to Stand; The Demonstration; Nothing Violent; Public Interest; Out for Blood; A New Life?; Somebody that Cares; Taking Charge; "Did this Really Happen Miss?".
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