The Proofreading Training Pack - single user license

The Proofreading Training Pack

Written by an experienced proofreader!

Essential notes, advice and worksheets provide detailed information and help strengthen invaluable proofreading skills. Comprehensive notes with advice, examples and common mistakes give you a detailed understanding of the rules to follow. 18 carefully selected worksheets cover all aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation to put your knowledge into practice.

  • Guide to the BS 5261C: 2005 proofreading symbols
  • 2 proofreading tests to monitor your progress
  • Answers to all exercises & tests (with exemplar marking up)

Worksheet Titles
1a: Capitalisation & End Punctuation 3a: Quotation Marks & Parentheses
1b: Capitalisation, End Punctuation, Small Words & Typing Errors 3b: Abbreviations
1c: Apostrophes 3c: Hyphens
1d: Commas 3d: Subject–Verb Agreement
1e: Semicolons and Colons 3e: Misplaced & ‘Dangling’ Participles
1f: Common Spelling Mistakes 3f: American Spellings
2a: Remembering the Proofreading Symbols 3g: Commonly Misspelled Words
2b: Using the Proofreading Symbols 3h: Homophones & Commonly Confused Words
2c: Using the Proofreading Symbols (cont.) 3i: Incorrectly Used Words