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AQA A ELLA3: Cupcakes & Kalashnikovs Activity & Exam Pack (New Texts 2012)

If a teacher adopted the approaches in this resource, they would be giving their students the best chances at ELLA3.

N Worgan, Head of English and Ind. Reviewer
September 2012 – onwards
  • War
  • Politics, Race & Society
  • Sex & Body Image
  • Interviews & Icons

September 2011 – June 2012
  • Home & Family
  • Crime & Punishment
  • Emancipation and Having it All

Intelligent notes and stimulating activities which cover the new set articles within Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs. Written specifically to build towards the examination with skills development and exam practice questions every step of the way! 18-week scheme of work also provided.


  1. informative notes
  2. engaging activities on clusters of articles such as social comment, injustice and humanity & femininity
  3. skills-focussed activities on every article (pre-reading research | article analysis | creative adaptation | stimulating questions and examination-style questions)
Section A: Analytical Comparison
  • An intelligent framework for analytically reading & responding to each article
  • An exam-style question for practice plus a sample answer
  • How to revise for this part of the examination with a detailed checklist
Section B: Adaptation of Texts for an Audience
  • An intelligent framework for how to approach the recasting exercise
  • An introductory adaptation-based exercise using Little Red Riding Hood, encouraging language analysis, peer review & discussion
  • A sample adaptation with commentary
  • How to revise for this part of the examination with a detailed checklist