OCR A Unit A951: Crime and Punishment Sources for Success Resource Pack

Crime and Punishment Through Time

Sources for Success: Special Resource Pack for GCSE OCR A History

Develop students’ source-based skills for exam success with this all-in-one resource. Organised into three key sections:

  1. An Introduction to Sources: Everything students need to know about approaching sources for GCSE History, with annotated examples. The OCR core skills of ‘using contextual knowledge’, ‘inferring’, ‘usefulness & reliability’ & ‘comparison’ are clearly explained. Importantly these skills are demonstrated though sample exam questions, sample answers and examiner’s commentary.
  2. The Sources: 38 interesting and varied sources. Each source has been intelligently selected to i) match OCR’s exam style, and ii) allow good questions that are OCR exam typical.
  3. Activities and Exam-style Questions: Activities develop the specific skills explained in the introduction. Exam-style questions prepare students for exam success. Mark schemes included.

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New 2009 GCSE Specification
Editable word copy for only £27+VAT extra gives you all the sources and questions in an editable format, so you can adapt them to your needs.