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Animal Farm Activity Pack

Animal Farm

Activity Pack

“Covering all the AOs, it allows pupils to: (1) learn through research & creativity (2) evaluate the writer's purpose & message by looking at the impact of the speeches on the animals (3) reflect on the impact of leadership & democracy in today's society.”
S Byrne, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer


A wealth of comprehensive, engaging activities for the whole novel, allowing the teacher to find stimulating work at any time.
Fully differentiated & cross-referenced to the AOs.

‘I liked the fact it was very clear on links to real politics, detailing them very well. Activities facilitate both knowledge of the narrative itself as well as the context which is key to exams.’
P Ault, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer


Activities for detailed analysis of every chapter.
Special activities for contexts, themes & language.

  • Comprehension
  • Creative
  • Speaking & Listening
  • The beauty of this resource is how it links the novel to real politics & modern dictators; strengthening students’ understanding of its relevance today.
    "I particularly liked the parallels with Mugabe & modern dictators – it allows students to reflect on contemporary leaders who have behaved similarly"
    S Byrne, English Teacher, Ind. Reviewer
For perfect assessment preparation:
  • Special summary worksheets test knowledge & understanding of the whole novel
  • Sample examination questions for AQA, Edexcel & OCR English Literature
  • Sample answer frameworks, with commentary for Edexcel & OCR English Literature

This guide adheres to the requirements of the new specifications for GCSE Literature. The summary grid below indicates which units allow for the study of this text and the methods of assessment.

  English Literature English Language English
AQA Unit 4: Section B — Literary Heritage Prose Unit 3a: Understanding spoken & written texts and writing creatively — Part A (extended reading) Unit 3a: Understanding creative texts (literary reading)
One of five texts prescribed for an exam. Optional text for controlled assessment. Optional text for controlled assessment.
Edexcel Unit 1: Understanding Prose    
One of six texts prescribed for an exam.
OCR Unit 4: Literary Heritage Prose and Contemporary Poetry Unit 1: Extended Literary Text and Imaginative Writing Unit 1: Reading Literary Texts — Prose
Optional text for controlled assessment.* Optional text for controlled assessment.*

*For OCR Language and English, centres can either choose from the prescribed texts or they can choose their own text.