Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 for Edexcel

Fast Track Functional Maths

Level 1

‘This is a new qualification – make sure you get it right first time.’ – The Author

The author brings extensive teaching experience together with the insight of being a FS exam writer for a major board.
A 36-lesson scheme takes you through the whole delivery of Level 1, from Week 1 to the final exam. Students learn how to apply Maths to everyday problems and reach their own solutions.

'‘Exactly what teachers are looking for to move forward with these new qualifications.’ '
Karis Rundle, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer<</i>

  • Scheme of Work – the year planned for you!
  • Covers all Ofqual and exam board criteria
  • Easy to adapt with editable Word copy on CD

  • Lesson Plans and Student Tasks Sheets for every lesson
  • All worksheets and resources included
  • Clear tasks designed for all ages and abilities

  • Engaging and Relevant Contexts!
  • Engages students with everyday contexts, ‘Retail Sales’, ‘Mobile Packages’
  • Global themes – e.g. ‘What is my Carbon Footprint?’
  • ‘How fit am I?’ – Every Child Matters values supported

'‘The scheme of work is clearly broken down and is referenced to the functional standards as well as Every Child Matters... Worksheets for tasks are clear and simple.’
K. Rundle, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

‘This is an excellent resource... very well produced... very well planned... easy to follow.’
Y. Wright, Maths Lecturer & Ind. Reviewer

‘Relevant contexts... Excellent that it has a full SoW to accompany the tasks... Builds on Every Child Matters agenda... Allows pupils to develop thinking skills and problem solving... and teamwork and communication skills.’'
A. Pointon, Head of Maths & Ind. Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3786)

I found the SOW and Lesson plans a good basis to start my own planning... There was a good range of tasks sheets and projects... The additional evidence to support the tasks is very useful... I liked that it was pitched at the right level and there were a good selection of scenarios for the project tasks... some good projects that could be encountered in everyday life." — K Tucker, Functional Skills Teacher & Independent Reviewer

An excellent resource... the layout allows teachers to recognise different components of the lesson... the use of a grid will allow better planning and understanding of the expected outcomes of specific activities. The teacher support pack in tandem with the resource sheets are very good... The inclusion of real life data such as Carbon emissions chart allows the lesson to have a real life feel. The supporting questions emboldens teachers to deliver the necessary skills in a confident manner." — M R Barker, Functional Maths Lead & Independent Reviewer

Fast-paced learning... Very good. Comprehensive and appropriate to the audience. Well laid out and attractive to look at. Well structured lessons... It has a good mix of tutor led and student led activities." — J Tymo, Basic Skills Development Manager & Independent Reviewer

The resource is exceptionally comprehensive, containing standards as well as a scheme of work that encompasses all aspects of the course. This is a 'teach out of the box' resource with attached teaching resources and a full and referenced scheme of work to go with it... The resource is well laid out, with an overview of the standards, followed by scheme of work and then lesson plans with resources, who could ask for more? You can tweak the lessons to suit your own teaching styles and methods... This delivers an entire scheme of work and as such will lead the learning of the level 1 functional skills in mathematics teaching. The resources provided do enhance the delivery of the SOW and as such support the learning very well... An outstanding resource for a school which is planning to begin delivering Functional Skills Mathematics Level 1. " — R Wallace, Functional Skills Teacher & Independent Reviewer

This is an excellent resource... A very useful resource, very well produced... Very well planned, easy to follow." — Y Wright, Maths Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

Well suited to the Functional skills specs. Useful for Functional skills stand alone qualification as well as the new GCSE specs with Functional skills built in... Relevant contexts to pupils. Excellent that it has a full SoW to accompany the tasks, not just a collection of tasks... Builds on Every Child Matters agenda... Allows pupils to develop thinking skills and problem solving, also able to develop team working and communication skills." — A Pointon, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

Exactly what the majority of teachers are looking for in terms of moving forward with the new functional skills qualifications... a comprehensive package covering a year, with resources all in place, structured but not too restrictive tasks, clearly explained... I like the fact that the scheme of work is clearly broken down and is referenced to the functional standards as well as ECM. Worksheets for tasks are clear and simple and don't have too much distracting material on them. A good structured way to teach functional skills... I think the clear, no nonsense approach which gives students structure to work with rather than very open tasks which they may not be used to will enhance the experience for students and help move them towards further independence. The movement from simple tasks to practising putting the skills together towards the end of each task will help students see how more vague tasks can be approached." — K Rundle, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer