OCR A Unit A951: American West Ultimate GCSE Activity Pack

The American West

Ultimate GCSE Activity Pack for OCR A

Bumper pack of 30 stimulating and original activities specifically for the OCR B specification. Activities are specially designed to develop the Assessment Objective skills students need for exam success:

Assessment Objective 1 (Recall, Select, Communicate): Activities for recall include crosswords, matching exercises and gap fill, while structured research and empathy tasks develop selection and communication skills.

Assessment Objective 2 (Explanation and Analysis): Structured class discussions, speeches and reports develop explanation and analysis skills, building up to writing the perfect exam answer.

New 2009 GCSE Specification
  • Tailored to be accessible to all students, with extensions to really stretch and challenge the more able.
  • Self-contained activities provided as A4 photocopiable masters – answers provided.
  • Explanatory teachers’ notes.

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