Cognitive Tutor Group Tasks

Tested with Vertical Tutor Groups

'Teaches the pupils a range of valuable skills and genuinely fosters team building in a fun way... I've been waiting for something like this for a while.' R Richards, Vertical Tutor & Ind. Reviewer

Accessible tasks that will really develop your students' thinking skills! Designed specifically for 20-minute weekly sessions for students from Year 7 through to Year 11. Can be used as a complete scheme, or stand-alone tasks for one-off tutor sessions.

Every task comes with:
  • Clear teacher instructions
  • All handouts & answers included
  • Tried & tested in a large secondary school with mixed-age 'vertical' tutor groups
  • Team-building tasks encourage interaction across age boundaries
  • Improves and challenges both general knowledge and thinking skills
  • Peer assessment meets AfL objectives

Tasks include: code breaking, memory games, lateral thinking, 'General Knowledge Sums', logic problems, 'Word Merge', 'Visual-Spatial Sequencing', 'Pig Latin'.

'Wow! What a resource... It's smashing! All activities are different and call on different ranges of skills. Some are numerical, some linguistic and others spatial or visual... It encourages teamwork, teambuilding and a developing understanding of individuals' needs... an exciting and invaluable resource.' P Nolan, Vertical Tutor and Independent Reviewer
'Great - a really good investment for any form tutor... The activities were appropriate for a range of ages and required minimal preparation... The tasks engage all learners.' N Tuohy, Assistant Director of Sixth Form & Independent Reviewer