OCR A2 Unit G155: Student Guide to A2 OCR Law of Contract

The Law of Contract

for OCR A2 Unit G155

This clear, twelve-chapter guide walks you through the principles of the law of contract. It has been specifically designed to cover every aspect of the course in a concise manner.

Includes special exam support features to help students with those tricky Section B questions:
  • ‘How to Answer Case Studies’ section outlines a strategy for breaking down and answering situation questions
  • Exam tips and exemplar answers provided
  • Cleverly designed case study questions at the end of each chapter

Usefully includes:
  • Case list by topic – so students can quickly know the relevant cases for the current topic
  • Alphabetical case list with citations – so students can look up further details

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3458)

A good overview with case authority and explanation... Provides structure for lesson content, plus good exam advice." — S Dooly, Law Lecturer at City College, Norwich and ZigZag Customer