Improving Assertiveness and Decision Making

Complete course for accreditation through the open College Network. Students learn to be assertive without being aggressive, and to be in control of themselves in any situation. Increasing self-awareness and raising self-esteem, this course will enable every tutor to make a difference.

Skills taught:
  • Listening
  • Negotiation
  • Self Awareness
  • Rights and Responsibilities

All materials provided — no time wasted creating worksheets
Designed for use with tutor-led groups
Tutor, peer and self-assessment strategies included.
Students are constantly encouraged to listen to others' points of view and respond to feedback.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3090,3238)

Clearly and consistently offers learners at different levels differentiated means of accessing the materials and being assessed which other assertiveness and confidence courses I have come across do not.

J Robinson, Tutor & Independent Reviewer

Well thought through... I really like the way the author has thought of the differnt levels and this has been laid out in the booklet.

I think this would enhance learning because of the range of learning styles and use of differentiation.

Matches really well to the specification and you can see the author has interpreted this well.

M Carr, Lecturer/Co-ordinator, Independent Reviewer

An extrememly useful resource... Excellent scheme of work... This resource gives students the opportunity to explore their own attitudes towards assertiveness and decision making without being made to feel wrong.

S Keery, Communications Tutor and Independent Reviewer

Extremely thorough and comprehensive resource... This resource could almost literally be used as an 'off the shelf' package for this course.

S Smith, Independent Reviewer