The BIG Activity Book for KS3 Drama

Activities for Greek myth, mime, silent film, TV soap operas & more. Encourages active participation to develop students performance skills and confidence.

"A very useful resource and quite different from other things I have seen."
A Baiden, KS3 Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Clearly based on years of practice... Great resource to use when looking for fresh ideas."
J O'Hanlon, Head of Drama & Independent Reviewer
"I loved how the activities were broken into aims/resources, etc. They really give you an understanding of why you should use it."
E Drajiling, Drama Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3232)
'A good resource. I like the cookbook layout, which links nicely to three-part lessons. Many of the games could be used with any age group and other activities could be tweaked to suit particularl ages. I think it is really good for a new group or a drama club when you are focussing on group dynamics and team-building — but objectives are clearly outlined, enabling you to dip into it and select activities which suit the needs of the group. I think the recipe book format really works — each lesson is a 'recipe' and includes all the appropriate elements such as resources, times, objectives and method as well as tips.' B Myers, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'User friendly, enthusiastic voice, obviously experienced in teaching Drama to the age range, and communicating an enjoyment. Very reassuring for new teachers of Drama and for non specialists teaching the subject.' N Taylor, Drama Examiner, Teacher and Independent Reviewer.
'Great resource to use when looking for new/fresh ideas, particularly for years 8 & 9. A well thought out resource that will be a good addition to a busy drama teacher's scheme of work.' J O'Hanlon, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I loved how the ideas were broken down into resources/methods/aims... It really gives you an understanding of the activity.' E Drajling, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A handy book to have on the Drama shelf.' M Haining, Head of Drama and Independent Reviewer
'Very useful resource and quite different from other things I've seen recently. I think that the activities are really well-explained in simple terms, and as a non-drama specialist, I would be comfortable using these activities.' A Baiden, KS3 Teacher and Independent Reviewer