Immortal: A One Act Play

For AQA GCSE Assessment Options 1, 2 or 4

This script explores friendship, drug addiction, peer pressure, responsibilities and conflict. A variety of techniques and exercises develops students’ practical and performance skills. The teaching notes offer specific guidance for research and improvisations.
  • Approximately 20 minutes with a cast of 7
  • Minimal staging and no scene changes

Emma begins a dangerous relationship with Micky, a drug dealer. Her best friend Jane is desperate to turn her away from him and the world of drugs. The play is told in a series of flashbacks, choral work and testimonies from people who suspected what was going on but did not act. Who is to blame for Emma’s decline?

''I think it gives a great deal of opportunity for KS4 Drama students to explore issues and use a range of drama strategies... The script could be used as a performance text but could also be used to provide stimulus for students to create their own work.'
B Sibley, Director of Arts, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3230)
'I liked the play and the teaching pack was good. It is a self contained resource that is not prescriptive; it points teachers in directions to get a quality outcome. The links to the drugs websites were good. It is really important to have follow up material for young people when the stimulus has provoked questions. It is a really good resource on many levels.' N Phillips, Drama Examiner & Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I thought that it was a well rounded project and very flexible for use either within the drama classroom or as a PSHE/Theatre In Education piece... I like the flexibility, the emphasis on mood and atmosphere, the helpful suggestions for technical students... It provides stylised opportunities for performance and technical production skills.' KA Cairns, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I liked its authenticity [and] the opportunities it gives to students to research the theme. It introduces a taboo subject in a dramatic, non-moralistic way... Provides excellent starting material for an examination group.' N Taylor, Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'I like the mix of flashback, monologue, direct address etc. I also think that there's a variety of language use, including some choral work, which will keep the ear interested in performance.' M Haining, HoD and Independent Reviewer