Immortal: A One Act Play

For AQA GCSE Assessment Options 1, 2 or 4

This script explores friendship, drug addiction, peer pressure, responsibilities and conflict. A variety of techniques and exercises develops students’ practical and performance skills. The teaching notes offer specific guidance for research and improvisations.
  • Approximately 20 minutes with a cast of 7
  • Minimal staging and no scene changes

Emma begins a dangerous relationship with Micky, a drug dealer. Her best friend Jane is desperate to turn her away from him and the world of drugs. The play is told in a series of flashbacks, choral work and testimonies from people who suspected what was going on but did not act. Who is to blame for Emma’s decline?

''I think it gives a great deal of opportunity for KS4 Drama students to explore issues and use a range of drama strategies... The script could be used as a performance text but could also be used to provide stimulus for students to create their own work.'
B Sibley, Director of Arts, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer