Creative Tasks to Explore Bible Stories for KS3

“This is a very valuable introduction to enormously important subjects and ideas.”
Andrew Motion, former Poet Laureate

Use this resource as an introduction to the influence of Bible stories across cultures, religions & our literary history.

“Poor knowledge of the Bible limits understanding of a whole raft of literary work.” Andrew Motion

With over 20 story summaries with notes and assignments, this pack uses Bible stories as a source for varied & creative activities.

Covers full range of skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Fits into any SoW – ideal for exploring myths, folktales & storytelling.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3179)
"I liked the variety of activities that were suggested and the modern approach ie write a blog as Noah's wife, write Loy's thought as a voiceover. It can link in well with the Media and ICT elements of the curriculum." K McLoughlin, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
'A fascinating selection of stories and some great tasks to accompany them. I really love the cross-curricular nature of this module. I do believe that students should see subjects as connected, and this appears to really work. The groups assignments are all very interesting and allow each person in the group to choose a task which suits their abilities/interests. I like this very much. The individual assignments — wow! Lots of great ideas here, and once again the choice is enough to persuade even the most work shy pupils. I would definitely purchase this, and "spread the word"!' M Mallows, Private Tutor and Independent Reviewer
'A variety of literacy activities to extend students understanding of the stories themselves and their writing skills... Allows for potential cross-curricular learning, group and individual work and differentiation.' G Edwards, Religious Studies Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Fantastic! A variety of ideas, all clearly explained [and] sensitively treated. [There is a ] focus on story-telling and features of narrative.' C Salisbury, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The author obviously feels passionately and enthusiastically about creating as stimulating a resource as possible. Pupils are both guided by interesting assignments and also encouraged to explore the topics independently. Providing these traditional tales with interesting, exciting lessons means that pupils approach them with interest.' M Evans, Literacy Coordinator and Independent Reviewer
'A really good quality resource... Particularly like the activities, which are designed to be attractive to students and are very varied. It will help students understand Bible stories and relate them to real life as they know it.' L Keen, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A good variety of activities, including lots of interactive and collaborative tasks. It encourages the students to play round with texts and to use these texts as a starting point for expressing their own ideas and experiences creatively.' P Baddeley, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The tasks are creative, broad and stimulating. It has fired my imagination now to teach something more unusual and perhaps try an idea I might have been nervous to approach. It is important that children understand texts' cultural significance and this resource goes a long way to fulfilling this need.' L Kontos, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'A good resource... It clearly does what it sets out to do. It is obvious that a great deal of time and effort has gone into this resource. My compliments to the writer; I do think this resource has value for English AND RE teachers.' N Stirk, English and RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'A very good resource... Few pupils at my school know these stories in any depth, if at all. The stories will be very useful in developing the pupils' knowledge and also deepen their understanding of English literature.' D Coppar, Head of EAL & Independent Reviewer