Practice Exercises for Translation Skills

For A Level French

66 interesting texts based on topics from the Edexcel A Level specification. These texts are used in three different ways:

“This resource is innovative in bringing an element of fun by offering a series of 3 different exercises on the translation… the resource focuses on specific points such as tenses, articles or structural aspects such as syntax, relative pronouns etc. or spelling.” N Clarens, French teacher

Also available for A level German and Spanish
  1. The texts are provided in English for students to translate.
  2. Each text has 3 French grammar exercises. These gap-fill exercises test different areas of grammar required by the A Level specification, such as tenses and agreement.
  3. The French texts are provided in full at the end of the resource, serving as examples for the translation exercises and the solution to the grammar exercises.

This resource has been created to specifically meet the requirements of Edexcel A2 Unit 4 Section A & supports Unit 4 Section C. It is a creative and versatile resource suitable for all A Level French students.

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"As always with material produced by ZigZag Education, it is superb for improving student attainment." — C Crowther, Head of MFL at William Brookes School, ZigZag Customer