AQA Unit 1 Section B Revision Guide: The Legal System

AQA AS Law Revision Guides (2008 Specification)

Unit 1: Section A - Law Making
Unit 1: Section B - The Legal System
Unit 2: Section A - Introduction to Criminal Liability
Unit 2: Section B - Introduction to Tort
Unit 2: Section C - Introduction to Contract

Brand new range of resources, written from scratch to cover all of the new AQA AS specification. It presents in simple terms all the key facts and the concepts that they will need in order to marshal their thoughts for the higher level skills that will see them achieving high grades.

  • Summary lists break key knowledge down into bite-size chunks
  • Special exam tips throughout the text
  • Resources reference the latest laws and the most up-to-date case studies available

"Good use of illustrations, succinct information, relevant and up-to-date case studies. All information provided is accessible and quizzes help reinforce prior learning." Lisa Bialek, Law Teacher

"Well written and easy to follow. Liked its presentation and range of cases, especially the modern ones. Would help speedy revision...a useful revision tool." Stephanie Cutts, AQA Law Teacher and Examiner

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Excellent... superb case examples." — S&nbap;Sims-King, Law Lecturer at South Cheshire College, ZigZag Customer