Never Wear the Same Socks Twice

A short comedy written in the style of Commedia dell Arte, the Italian street theatre entertainment of the 15th & 16th centuries. Well suited for exploring comic technique & stereotypes in comedy as well as money, decepion and greed. Few props and no scenery required.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2418)
'A Commedia piece with more than a whiff of the Marx brothers. Knock about fun, I smiled and laughed aloud several times. I really liked the two improvised/'still to be sorted out' sections - they are very much in the spirit of Commedia. How nice to have written examples of this rather than to talk about the improvised nature of Commedia in the abstract. I can see it going from "page to stage." I will definitely stage this play.' N Phillips, Drama HoD, Independent Reviewer
'For our purpose of teaching genre it would work very well... introducing students to a style of theatre they may not be aware of and giving them the opportunity to examine what humour is all about.' R Farish, Acting Head of Drama and Independent Reviewer
'I think that it is an excellent example of Commedia dell'Arte and would flow brilliantly into a pastiche project for the pupils.' J Pain, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer