Worksheet pack ideal for integrating non-participants into lessons. Basic and Advanced worksheets for each activity. Includes activities based on the 'perfect model.’

Athletics, Dance, Games (invasion, Net/Wall and Striking-Fielding), Outdoor Education, Swimming, Fitness, Other Activities

This resource is also produced in a write-on version, which is available as a free download when you purchase this resource. Details of the download are provided in the resource.

  • Provides crucial evidence for Analysis and Observation section of GCSE PE portfolio
  • Includes observation tasks and important definitions
  • Suitable for both KS3 and GCSE PE lessons

On the Sidelines

What do teachers say about this resource? (2315)

A good resource which covers all of the major activities... It has been well thought through and would have a variety of uses - for observation and analysis practice and for non-doers. [It is] handy as [you] don't have to continually spend time at the beginning of a lesson trying to think of ideas for non-doers (also good for those with long term illnesses/injuries). Overall a good resource which would enhance performance in the GCSE analysis section.

L Scovell, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource allows for any ability to participate in the lesson, without too much assistance from the teacher... This is an excellent resource which could be heavily linked to Assessment for Learning.

C Stearn, PE teacher & Peer Reviewer