KS3 Religious Studies for Year 7 and 8

Notes, Worksheets and Supporting Presentations

The paper resource contains worksheets, notes and assessments designed to be complemented by the set of PowerPoint presentations.

The RE PowerPoint slideshows are designed to meet lesson objectives through a variety of activities, and are generally structured around the three part lesson model (starter, main and plenary activities). Most slides have a copy of the objective on to save the teachers and pupils time.

  • The initial slide contains a starter or an outline of the forthcoming lesson.
  • Includes extension activities for children who finish quickly and have been designed to be flexible and adaptable for all abilities.
  • Typical activities are matching key words to their definitions, reading text for meaning, drawing and labelling, spelling and comprehension tests, discussion questions, making corrections and so on.
  • The final slide usually contains a plenary activity designed to test whether lesson objectives have been met.