RS KS3 Assessments for Learning

15 tasks with teacher's notes and level descriptors. Each task cross-referenced to key skills from the QCA framework. Students can clearly see what they need to do to improve.

  • Self, peer and teacher assessment
  • Tracking sheet so students can see their progress

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1953)
"Worth purchasing for those with zero resources to plan from. Helps teachers assess work accurately, and the level descriptions are accessible for non specialists too." T Davis, Religious Studies Teacher and Satisfied Customer
"Very useful, clearly set out with clear instructions for pupils. It gives an opportunity per self, peer and teacher assessment and clearly sets out the level descriptors. It is so clear and easy to use for teachers and pupils. Great ideas for interesting assessments that will save time." Mrs Robbins, Religious Studies Teacher
'Excellent value for money. It saved me a lot of time and planning and provided some interesting and varied methods of assessment... not too time-consuming to mark, varied and interesting.' M Barden, Head of RE and ZigZag Customer
'[The resource] should enhance student learning by enabling them to see at a glance and where they need to go next both in developing key skills and understanding.' P Hollander, Senior Teacher in RE and Independent Reviewer
'I think it is one of the best Religious Education AfL resources I have seen... and it covers both peer/self and teacher assessment.' A Hill, RE Teacher and Independent Reviewer