Brief Lives and Power Plays

These plays are to be performed or read around the class within a single lesson. Includes assignments and activities, e.g. character profiles, writing/improvising extra scenes, discussion ideas. Plays cover significant events, issues or periods in history, encouraging an interesting and active approach to learning.

Key features of the plays:
  • 30 minutes runtime for each play (approx.)
  • Designed for average cast of 20 people
  • Range of roles varying in importance and difficulty
  • Tackle complex subjects and issues from history in an interesting and engaging manner
  • Plenty of scope for further work and discussion - up to the teacher how much time is spent on the play and its related topics/activities.

Brief Lives

The 4 Plays cover the following topics:
  • The Pankhursts
  • Al Capone
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Malcolm X

Power Plays

The 2 Plays cover the following topics:
  • The English Civil War (1638-1653)
  • The Pit Strike (1984-1985)