1000 Philosophy of Religion
Questions and Answers

Short thought provoking questions, all of which have one line answers. Questions progress through topics on the A Level specifications. Useful as starters and for revision.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1518)
"It was very useful at the end of topics for study and revision. It is an alternative to a text and adds variety to students learning, providing focus." L Henderson, Religious Studies Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Excellent; clear and straightforward. An excellent learning aid... I like the 'no-nonsense' approach. It does what it says on the tin - you do not have to search through the whole thing to be able to use it... The questions are relevant and good reminders of knowledge... Questions are relevant and give room for expansion in every case." — J Churchill, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A very useful for resource with use for all abilities across all of the A-level specifications... I liked that the questions were organised in a Socratic style as this means that the resource can be used with both higher and lower ability students. Lower ability students will be able to access the first questions whereas the higher ability students can be stretched using the later questions. I also liked the wide range of subject material that has been included. Because the resource is for use with all exam boards there is an opportunity for stretching the most able by giving them information and questions on scholars and areas that are not directly on the specification that we are covering... It could be used at the beginning of a topic and students could research the answers to the questions and feedback to the rest of the class. It could also be used at the end of a topic for revision and ensuring students understanding of all the key points for the specification. Students could also work in pairs to test each other on their knowledge... All areas of the specification, including specific scholars and key terms, are covered." — G Edwards, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"I like the grouping of the questions and the way they build together in a 'Socratic' fashion to give a synopsis of a subject; I also like the way that the 'key thinkers' are set out at the beginning... It provides a good overview of key areas within the subject; knowledge is relevant, accurate and concisely stated." — A Robertson, RS Teacher, Examiner & Independent Reviewer