Chunnel of Love

With support material for schools

This resource contains a full playscript by Graham Cole and Mark Wheeller, as well as an associated scheme of work which can either be used in its entirety or with a 'pick and mix' approach. Most of the practical tasks have a portfolio task attached.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1326)
"It was accessible to students, contains interesting ideas for exploration and discusses a difficult subject matter honestly and openly." J Flockhart, Head of Drama and Satisfied Customer
'Interesting concept and very accessible for target audience. The contemporary theme would appeal to teenage readers. The tension is built up effectively and engages the reader from the outset. Excellent for reinforcing language skills. Deals with issues in a comprehensive way. Promotes discussion and would stimulate some excellent drama work. Can be used for cross curricular work in a variety of subject areas.' M McGrath, HoD and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent play... Allows students to make practical use of languages learnt.' G Cartin, ZigZag Customer