Pocket Plays: Four Short Plays with Activities for KS3 and KS4 Drama

A collection of four tried-and-tested short plays with accompanying activities and guidance for KS3 and KS4 Drama.

Perform these powerful plays anywhere! With minimal scenery, flexible technical elements, small casts and detailed guidance, this practical pack is a fantastic resource to have in your back pocket.

  1. LOST: A haunting exploration of loss and grief in which a struggling A Level student seeks comfort from her mother and best friend, but there’s a twist in the tale…
  2. THE ASSIGNMENT: Three mysterious characters discuss everyday topics, while the sinister nature of their ‘assignment’ pervades the atmosphere in this tense and gripping play.
  3. INCIDENT IN FLAT A: It’s a murder mystery… or is it? The discovery of a body in an upstairs flat sets off a series of strange events in this seamless combination of intrigue and black humour.
  4. TWIN TROUBLE: Alex is looking forward to a restful half-term, but the arrival of their nephews/nieces, a pair of dubious police officers and bags full of money leaves Alex baffled and bewildered in this fast-paced, farcical play.
For the teacher:
  • Plays ready to rehearse and perform – no preparation required
  • Suitable for Year 9 acting assessments or KS3 preparation
  • Devised, improvisational and cross-curricular work provides opportunities for further exploration
  • Full guidance on setting, lighting and staging – technical aspects minimal, manageable and easily adaptable
  • Teach key theatre skills while exploring compelling themes
For the students:
  • Introduction for the young actor/designer develops key skills
    • Including: getting started, staging and setting, lighting and sound, props, costumes, characterisation, directing the plays, stage design, and more!
  • Guidance on performance gives specific insight into each play
  • Engaging activities allow students to assess and analyse
    • Including: group discussions, acting and rehearsal tasks and written tasks for each play

What do teachers say about this resource? (11019)

Effective... The play collection is a solid base for improvisation leading to character portrayal.

R Kilalea, Teacher & Peer Reviewer