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What’s it all about:

Fast and effective online interactive learning and eRevision. 100+ fun interactive challenges covering all major options. Plus 500+ marks' worth of exam-style questions with mark schemes and indicative content. Differentiated content based on target grade.

The most enjoyable revision site yet

C Hutchinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

My pupils adore this resource

L Godfrey, HoD & Happy Subscriber

Options covered:

  • 1979, 1997 and 2019 General Elections
  • USA & Global Politics
  • Nationalism
  • Feminism
  • Anarchism
Developed for students...


  • 3-try system allows students
    to self-correct
  • Tailored to each student as they set their own target grade
  • 7 different interactive challenge types add huge novelty, promoting engagement
NEW: Revision Mode for students to start their revision afresh


  • Progress Tracking Map!
  • Provides instant feedback and allows for 3 times faster learning than traditional exercises
  • Addictive qualities of eRevision lead to unexpected high achievement

A great, intuitive system... My dept achieved the highest marks in the school and I believe we are in the top 5% nationally... eRevision helped the staff and students attain such impressive results

S Ravendran, HoD & Happy Subscriber
... with teachers in mind!


  • No marking! ~ Integrated computer marking
  • Slots into any SoW
  • Constructive interactive homework
    • Teacher oversight of student progress
    • Estimates time for students to complete homework
    • Email homework reminders

Admin Features:

  • Easy set-up!
  • Intuitive class tracking
  • Optional parental access
  • Microsoft and Google Single Sign On

I was very impressed with how motivating and engaging eRevision is!

J Ermina, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

All your homework set and marked!

P Knowles, Teacher & Happy Subscriber

It's varied, fun and engaging, with medals, trophies and leader boards and 7 different challenge types:

GapFill Concise topic summaries where students fill in the gaps in the text
– and in their knowledge too!
Exam Q 500+ marks' worth of exam-style questions, which students self-mark using the model answer and mark scheme for guidance.
WipeOut Start with questions you have most confidence in, until you’re not sure; get it wrong, then it’s a wipeout!
Categorise Drag-and-drop advantages and disadvantages to test AO2 skills!
Plus: MatchUp | MultiChoice | ReOrder

All about eRevision in 135 seconds...

What do teachers say about this resource? (2600, 10924, 10947, 10948, 10949, 10950, 10951, 10952, 10953, 10954, 10955, 10956, 10957, 10958, 10959, 10960, 10961, 10962, 10963, 10964, 10965, 10966, 10967, 10968, 10970, 10971, 10972, 10973, 10974, 10975, 10977, 10978, 10979, 10980, 10981, 10982, 10983, 10984, 10985, 10986, 10987, 10988, 10989, 10990, 10991, 10992, 10993, 10994, 10995, 10996, 10997, 10998, 10999, 11000, 11001, 11003, 11004, 11006, 11008, 11010, 11012, 11030, 11031, 11063, 11073, 11092, 11100, 11153, 11155, 11162, 11178, 11202, 11258, 11266, 11273, 11283, 11322, 11323, 11378, 11393, 11406, 11445, 11481, 11521, 11557, 11558, 11569, 11592, 11678, 11725, 11736, 11794, 11797, 11894, 11898, 11902, 11908, 11913, 11962, 11969, 11988, 12157, 12178, 12183, 12239, 12351, 12457, 12471, 12476, 12596, 12608)

an amazing resource and so versatile in its use. Superb for home learning, revision and general homework. Also gave the pupils a sense of competition ... It is so adaptable to many ways of learning and teaching ... Super for revision in the short or long term ... It can be geared to a grade boundary that is suitable to the individual ... Do not hesitate order today

H Parry, HoD & Subscriber

I would like to thank you for the use of your resources which are of an outstanding quality. I will recommend your organisation to everyone in the teaching profession.

J Montefusco, Head of Department & Customer

My pupils adore this resource. Fantastic.

L Godfrey, HoD & Happy Subscriber

I find the resource really well planned and set out, it is very easy to set specific tasks and also review and track progress ... The questions and tasks are very relevant, and they are set out in a way that gives all students of all capabilities the opportunity to extend their understanding and also learn more from ... The students really engage well, they like the questions and the different styles of assessment, they feel it is not so pressurised and actually enjoy doing the tasks ... It is better because of the variety of styles, and the way the tasks are set out, there is something to appeal to all students. It is also easy to track and make comparisons on their learning ... It is a quick and easy way to set assessments to consolidate the learning and understanding, which can be useful to set as homework or use to prepare the next lessons ... I was really pleased with the resources for both BTEC DIT and Computer Science, I will definitely use them again each year

This is a brilliant response to the changing demands of Media Studies teaching...
The interactivity element is excellent and would appeal very much to the modern student.
From a teacher’s perspective, SLT are always asking for lists of revision topics, and this does it in one fell swoop.
Invaluable I would say.
I really would encourage all media centres to buy this resource.

K Chanter, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

eRevsion helps me learn a little bit because it explains what each thing is gives us multiple of quizzes to do on a specific topic.
Easy to access.
Very simple to use.
It helped me by giving back my marks to the questions straight away so I knew where I was going wrong.
It’s good for revision as it is fun.
Easy to use and is very easy to understand.
I liked that I got instant feedback on the quizzes.
It has helped me retain the information needed for the exams by repeating the exercises until they stick.
I enjoyed the eRevision platform.
I liked the multi choice quizzes the most.
It helped me revise as it’s not boring and I enjoyed doing it.
If I completed all of the quizzes, I think I would get a higher level because I’ve managed to learn a lot already and I've only done a few quizzes. A good way to revise and learn what percent you’ve got right in the quiz.
I liked that we could have competitions between our friends and challenge others to see who could get the top marks.
I found it an easy and useful way to revise things I wasn’t that confident on.
It also helped to remind me of topics I did last year that I had forgotten about.
A simple and easy way to revise.
I found doing the quizzes on eRevision gave me a clear understanding of what subjects I understand and what I need to a little more work on.
I enjoyed completing the exam questions at the end, because it gives me a true reflection of my knowledge.
There isn’t any quizzes I disliked as all of them benefit and improve my knowledge in some way.
Seeing the percentage of each subject helps me see what I need to work on and I feel as if doing all of the quizzes would improve my knowledge and help me achieve a high grade.
I would recommend eRevision to my friends as it is a good way to refresh knowledge and improve it.
Helpful way to test my knowledge.
I think it could possible help me get a higher grade as it is good practise.
I would recommend to friends as it a different kind of website to all the others.
It helped me to go back and look at work I’ve done in the past and think about it as well as how to put detail into answers.
It helped me revise as I could go through the topics and keep on re-doing the quizzes till I had a pass.
It has simple access to the website and has a good layout.
The exam questions were the best because they were realistic.
Helped me by showing the percentages of what I got and what I need to get better with.
I liked that it allowed to get the answers straight away and I knew if I was right or not.
I like the fact I was allowed to keep trying and not shut out so I could keep improving.
Really good because it is easy to access and easy to use.
It helped me to remember it more by having 3 chances on the same quiz.
It is a good revision website and to definitely use It.

Student & Happy User

The content matched the spec and was accurate throughout.
The quizzes are suitable...
I used these at the start of a lesson to help with recapping of a previous topic and turned it into a competition between the students.
The lower and mid range students have used this as knowledge retention for their mocks and have spent more time on this revision site than any other due to its kinaesthetic nature and the instant feedback of answers.
All abilities showed a positive interest in the games.
All students said they would carry on using this at home for independent study.
The most enjoyable revision site yet, that students of all abilities can utilise to reinforce knowledge.

C Hutchinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really like the questions asked and the fact that each exercise was short
students will be more likely to use this than wade through text books.

I have reviewed quite a lot of resources for you and this is the one I have wanted most so far.

Incredibly useful.

L Bird, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Teachers can easily track progress and identify areas of weakness before the exam.

Many of my students are working far ahead of the others and the colour coding/percentages are an intrinsic motivation tool to get greens [passes] or 100%!

A great, intuitive system that encourages students to take ownership of their learning.

eRevision was amazing and the little tweaks at the end of the year helped.

My dept achieved the highest marks in the school and I believe we are in the top 5% nationally... eRevision, along with the zigzag lesson plans, helped the staff and students attain such impressive results.


S Ravendran, HoD & Happy Subscriber

Easy to use, colourful and comprehensive

J Jaggs, Teacher & Happy Subscriber

A key revision tool

L Bird, Teacher & Happy Subscriber

All your homework set and marked!

An excellent way of tracking learners' progress... Students can complete the tests at home, in school or even on their phone.

P Knowles, Teacher & Happy Subscriber

Very challenging and detailed for students to learn.
Students completed it in an after school revision session.
Challenging, thought provoking and supports long mark Q’s very well.
Useful exam prep.

K Shannon, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Helps test you.
I think it would help you get a better grade as it lets you know what you need to revise.
It was easy to understand how to use and quite good to use for revision.
Gap fill, match up, categorise are good.
This is good for recapping information and discovering information.
Match up was my favourite.
It was easy to use and access.
It gives you second chances if you get it wrong.
It really makes you remember things.

Student & Happy User

I was very impressed with how motivating and engaging the revision website is.

I found all the exercises useful and very intuitive to use.

J Ermina, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The exercises are varied and fun.
Some of the words are repeated across the topics, which consolidates learning.
The system is user-friendly.
The writing activities are particularly helpful as the model answers give the students an idea of how to score better marks.

S Fleet, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Teacher: The quiz types are enjoyable and are useful for reinforcing learning.
They are intuitive enough for students to do on their own (as homeworks, for example.)
Students: “It was fun” | “I felt really engaged” |
“It was an interesting way to revise”

D Lester, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent... a great resource that covers the specification and allows pupils to work at home

J Cook, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Delivers the course content in a no-nonsense manner

P Corner, Teacher & Happy Subscriber

An excellent platform, and particularly valuable right now.

T Baird, Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10524, 10527, 10529, 10775, 10990)

My students responded very positively. They liked the range of activities and it would be very useful in order to supplement their knowledge and understanding.

P. Taggart, Head of Social Science & eRevison Beta Tester

All activities are clearly labelled and relevant to the topics. Good for getting the students thinking.

This was very useful – students do feel overwhelmed by the amount that they need to learn. So anything that breaks it down is very useful.

Really useful online resource, which is gold dust right now as we struggle within remote teaching (something we didn’t train for). These activities provide a useful change for learners to test their knowledge in easy chunks. 

R. Pilling, Politics Teacher & eRevision Customer

The platform was easy and clear to navigate, with a detailed and well ordered set of tasks covering many different topics. The different tasks which you had the option of completing, prevented it from becoming repetitive. The required pass mark also encourages the user to persevere until they get as many answers as possible correct. When students answer the questions wrong and are encouraged to try again, this is very effective as the student can think more deeply about the answer, helping them to retain the answer when they eventually get it right. The array of exam practise questions is something I would find very useful. The clear layout of the different topics would help the student to ensure they do not miss any topics when revising.

The greatest benefit of the platform is that it can be used frequently for short amounts of time to allow you to keep topping up your knowledge.

I think that completing all of the quizzes would give you a sense of confidence which could help you in the exam, and ensure that you have wide ranging and detailed knowledge.

I would recommend the platform to friends in order to ensure that quick and convenient revision can be done across all of the topics, to keep them fresh in your mind.

It’s a very good way to top up knowledge and get some up to date examples to use in an exam.

eRevision Student

Very useful and very easy to use.

I liked the economy manifesto promises quiz the most as it provided a good challenge on a topic I knew a lot about.

eRevision helped me to learn and revise by providing a unique way of testing my knowledge. Completing all of the quizzes would definitely help in getting a higher grade in the exam.

I would recommend it to my friends by telling them it is a new and efficient way of revising.

eRevision Student

For the A Level course on UK Politics and Political Ideas the content matches Edexcel’s content well.

The mark schemes with the answers are very useful and put the power to mark in the hands of the students.

Accuracy is again very good and there are some good relevant examples used (E.G Johnson’s cabinet).

Very good for knowledge recall and checking students knowledge and understanding of the topics.

I will use this for revision for students after they have learnt the content in lessons. I feel like this would be very useful for exam prep.

It is a good resource for revision which can save time and effort!

A. Roberts, Teacher & eRevision Beta Tester