Factsheets and Activities for GCSE AQA Business

The specification at your fingertips!

Comprehensive yet concise handouts covering all the essential terms and concepts from the new specification!

Quickly accessible detail for every topic:

  • Explanations with examples
  • Benefits & drawbacks
  • Questions for application

Use it as a clear reference for teaching, or a neat summary for revision!


  • Diagnostic multiple choice tests for each specification section – quick knowledge assessment
  • Activities to engage students

What do teachers say about this resource? (10207)

Comprehensive and chunked quite nicely for the student... Good definitions are provided. Bullet point style advantages and disadvantages are also accessible.

D Holland, Asst Principal Examiner for Major Awarding Body, Peer Reviewer

Really useful sheets supporting the students in their knowledge... clear and easy for the students to use... support the students in their knowledge and understanding, a good scaffold to analysis and evaluative techniques

A Jones, Assistant Deputy Head

The content is highly relevant to the specification and links very well... Examples alongside the key terms provided context for students and in most cases would allow them to develop a better knowledge of the terminology... Mini questions/activities for students to do - I feel this will be engaging for pupils as well as useful for teachers when planning activities... I feel it provides useful information and the activities extend the learning. The activities are relevant to the content... I liked that the activities are mixed, some being questions while others are more research based.

R Lamb, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Very thorough and covers each section in a lot of detail. I like the combination of revision notes on each topic, pertinent questions and some activities... I particularly like the multiple choice questions for each section. The amount of questions is excellent and covers the whole section in terms of the range of topics in an excellent manner. I also like the depth of notes on each key term... it could be used individually by pupils as a revision guide [or] with direction from me within class to look at a specific section or topic. I would also use some of the questions/activities to break the revision up... All sections are covered as the specification and the key terms are explained and linked well to the requirements... invaluable as a means to aid students to develop their understanding of the course when revising.

G Nocher, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is thorough and all topic areas appear to have been covered in some way... Like the inclusion of simple activities and key questions throughout the resource.

T Goodfellow, Business Tutor & Peer Reviewer