In-House Proofreading Service

ZigZag Education's production team includes several in-house native English-speaking professional proofreaders who take on external proofreading and copy-editing in addition to ZigZag's teaching publications.

Proofreading contracts they have carried out include:

  • Schools reports
  • Company brochures
  • Magazines
  • Student theses
  • Textbooks
  • Plays

We provide proofreading with copy editing usually in Microsoft Word, where we will use the Track Changes facility so that you can see all the changes we have made, and confirm your acceptance of these changes. If required, we are also pleased to accept documents in PDF.

Our proofreading service includes checks for:

  • Typing errors / grammatical errors / misspellings / incorrect punctuation
  • Consistency of style, including UK or US English
  • Consistency of spellings, bullet points, headings, etc.

Our copy editing service will vary depending on requirements. This could be simply making minor changes to remove ambiguity or make meaning more clear.

Alternatively, this may involve a lot of rewriting necessary to ensure best use of grammar and ease of reading. Additional checks can be included, with increased scrutiny to achieve:

  • Logical content and structure
  • Suitability for the intended audience

Subject to agreement, the service may also include the checking of technical information, factual accuracy and checks for legal/copyright issues.

The cost of proofreading varies greatly from £12+vat per 1,000 words for the simplest of documents with minimal corrections needed up to £20+vat per 1,000 words for documents by non-native speakers requiring a lot of copy editing. Additional charges will apply for additional checks such as checking consistency of style for references, for example.

Email us for a quotation...

Send the following information to to get a quote:

  • a sample of your document (two to three pages from different sections)
  • the total word count
  • your desired completion date

We can provide a free sample edit for a maximum of 500 words for documents with more than 10,000 words.