FREE Access: Become an eRevision BETA Tester

What is eRevision?

eRevision is an online digital platform that offers a fast and effective way to learn and revise entire specifications with interactive challenges, exam-style questions, and model answers – all differentiated based on target grades!

Image of BETA Testing

eRevision is evolving fast with greater functionality:

  1. 'Open Homework’ Feature: Teachers can effortlessly assign eRevision for homework, allowing students to choose challenges and work at their own pace, making it more enjoyable.
  2. Progress Report Enhancement: Easily track student progress with the percentage completed by each student, organised by group.
  3. Streamlined Interface: Set work fast!
  4. Faster Interface Interactivity Speed: Experience quicker interactivity speed for a smoother experience.
  5. Google and Microsoft Fast Logon.
  6. Revision Mode: A new feature that opens a fresh task grid for students to begin their revision anew.

Teacher feedback drives improvements…

  • Enhanced Task Marking: Open/Exam Question Tasks can now be teacher or self-marked, with optional teacher moderation.
  • Copy to Clipboard Feature: Quickly paste homework into platforms like Google Classroom, Teams, Firefly, etc.
  • Comprehensive Support: New Teacher Guide, Quick Set-up Guide, and FAQ support for a seamless experience.
Why BETA Test?
We value your feedback! We're seeking BETA Testers to use eRevision, including these new functions and share yours and your student’s insights. In return you can use it with unlimited students for 6 months.
How to Qualify:
To qualify, you must not have had access to the package you'd like to test. You can be a BETA Tester for one package only.

Get 6 months free access! Simply email us (or give us a call on 0117 950 3199) stating the package you would like to become a BETA tester for. Quote: BETA24

For full list of eRevision packages available, click here!