Senior PHP Developer (£35,000–£50,000 per annum) 18-month initial contract

Skill set required: OOP PHP | SQL | JavaScript | GIT | Docker

Are you an experienced PHP web developer ready to move on to your next role? This is an exciting opportunity to be the lead programmer in a small team working directly with the business decision maker across a range of projects, supporting an interesting business. We have a motivated team who are very grateful when our problems are solved and our new ideas are implemented. You will find the work varied, challenging and rewarding - and always appreciated by the rest of the team! Tasks include development on our exciting online learning system, various websites, multiple mini-projects, adding new features to existing systems, and fixing bugs that have come to light.

You will be one of three coders working under the direction of the Commissioning Editor and Head of Business Support.

Further Details

Most of our internal and external sites are written in PHP OOP, some using the CodeIgniter MVC framework and some making use of React and GraphQL. We use GitLab. We have a number of websites, mostly run on Linux in Docker containers. We have some legacy code, mostly in PHP, a little in ASP, run on a Windows server, which is gradually being rewritten into our new systems.

We are looking for an experienced and dependable PHP developer to write logical, well-commented code and to build on and improve existing systems. You will:

  • Create robust bespoke systems to increase efficiency in the business.
  • Create intuitive and fast user interfaces – for both internal staff and external customers.
  • Balance the feedback of users with the requirements of your manager, and manage your workload to ensure an appropriate balance between time, quality and budget.
  • Be involved in training or supporting junior programmer(s)

You must also be willing to muck in with technical support although this isn't the main focus of the role.

We have recently introduced Agile principles including Mini-Scrums for organising Sprints and Kanban using a GitLab board.

Minimum Application Requirement

  • Very capable graduate with a Computing/Programming-related degree or equivalent
  • 3-10 years' directly relevant industry programming experience since graduation including applying modern PHP ("OOP" or "PHP 7") in a medium/large project.
  • Experience working with Git/GitLab, an MVC framework such as CodeIgniter, the bootstrap framework, significant experience with SQL.
  • Strong communication skills and a good level of English Language.

Additional Desirable Attributes

  • GCSE Maths grade A/A*
  • A Level grade A or B in Computing or a scientific/technical subject such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics or Latin
  • Experience of leading a team with decision making and reporting to senior management. Experience of training other programmers, peer reviewing and writing briefs

If you are interested in working for us but do not meet the application requirements, please see Junior PHP Developer or Computer Science (Programming) Placement Year (paid).

Starting pay is £35k to £50k depending on amount of formal training, relevant experience of programming and leading a team. There is the strong possibility of further contracts being offered.

To Apply

Apply via email to Mrs Glynda Glasner at with your CV and Letter of application. We would like to know:

  • which job you are applying for and where you first saw it advertised
  • your IT skills and all GCSE/A Level, etc. qualifications and all grades
  • your current circumstances, why you are applying for this job, and availability
  • your aspirations, what about this job specifically appeals to you and your medium-term plans
  • details of your PHP experience and projects you have worked on individually and as part of a team
  • your salary expectation, together with your current responsibilities and salary

Successful applicants will be invited to a 4-hour interview process which will include a written test and a set of moderately challenging practical PHP programming tasks.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to know in advance of a possible interview.