Admin and Team Leader (39 weeks per year, £24,639 FTE)

Work approx 39 weeks of the year (0.75 of F/T); initial 1 year contract

Job description

The Admin side of the role involves printing marketing literature on our internal A4 and A3 printers, folding them using a folding machine, carrying out checks and ticking them off on the system, and submitting a report at the end of each half term.

The Team Leader side of the role is coordinating a team of around 8 part-time staff who put the marketing literature into envelopes, slot those envelopes into consolidation pigeon holes, and then put them into larger envelopes addressed to our customers. This role would suit someone who enjoys working with and building a team, creating camaraderie, and completing important tasks to clear deadlines.

You will work in the last week of each school holiday and generally for the first 6 weeks of each half term - making a total of approximately 39 weeks in the office (plus holidays). 40 hours per week 9am to 5:30pm. Equivalent hourly pay (including holiday pay) is £11.80 plus holiday pay = £13.23.

Further details




This role has fully documented procedures and has on the job training provided.

Core tasks

As the Mailshot Team Leader your key responsibility is to ensure mailshots are sent out by agreed deadlines. This includes:

  • Printing and A4 and A3 advertising literature
  • Carrying out standard checks before printing, raising problems with the marketing team
  • Coordinating the team members who are packing and sorting the advertising literature
  • Troubleshooting if problems come up, and galvanising the team when under pressure to ensure we achieve deadlines (with support of line manager)

To do this you will need to:

  • Order stock, coordinate deliveries, approve invoices
  • Manage and organise the department on a daily basis
  • Recruit, manage, train and develop new casual staff as needed
  • Carry out quality control – ongoing and as part of training new staff
  • Deal with straightforward printer issues and raise complex issues to maintenance company

Other work as part of the team

As a small business you or members of your team might occasionally need to support other departments as required.

Skills & Qualifications Required or Desired

Essential Skills Required

  • Highly organised with the ability to prioritise
  • Quick learner; flexible and adaptable in your approach to work, with the ability to multi-task
  • Meticulous, accurate, with high attention to detail
  • Good communicator and personable
  • Ability to manage a team

Minimum Qualifications Required

  • GCSE Maths grade B/7 and GCSE English grade B/7 (or equivalent)
  • Minimum A level grades of B,D,E (or equivalent)

Desirable Requirements

  • Strong A level grades (or equivalent) and a Degree
  • Fluent English Speaker and good communicator
  • Knowledge of the UK schooling system.
  • Experience of managing flexible workers


Time off generally to be fitted around the posting dates and workload but there is plenty of flexibility for individual days off within the working periods.

The probationary period is 6 months.

There is a good chance of a subsequent contract extension or a permanent contract.

To Apply

Apply via email to Helen Mansley at with:

  • CV which must include your IT skills and all GCSE/A Level (or equivalent) etc. qualifications & grades
  • Letter of Application including:
    • which job you are applying for and where you saw the job advertised
    • a short paragraph about your current circumstances and why you are applying for this job
    • when you would be interested in starting and what your medium term plans are
    • what in the job description specifically appeals to you
    • how you feel your skills or aspirations are met within this job

If relevant, let us know if there is anything you would like to know in advance of a possible interview.

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