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The Word Range

Mimic Exercises

Practice formatting - students 'match' a data file to a fully formatted version. Students are given a document and asked to recreate it. They are given the data file so they can practice on bigger documents without having to spend valuable time typing. Realistic documents include: Paragraphs, Tables, Spelling & Grammar, Styles, Letter, Mail Merge, Form, Memo, Calendar etc. Mark scheme. The ‘suggestions’ encourage students to adopt ‘efficient’ strategies & use appropriate functions.

In mimicking documents students can try and use the special Word features as indicated. By doing this they will be able to reproduce documents more precisely and will be learning how and when it is appropriate to use these features.

Word Worksheets and Advanced Worksheets (with Tasks)

Includes: typing, fonts, paragraphs, tables, spelling & grammar checking, styles, setup & printing, templates, letters, graphics, mail merges, macros, styles and smart tags.

Beginner to Intermediate

This set of worksheets starts from scratch and covers important fundamentals such as the basic typing skills, using the mouse - particularly useful for year 7 pupils as well as adult learners. Moves on to cover the basic features of Word so that by the end of the this set of worksheets students can use a word processor for their schools projects and coursework.

Intermediate to Advanced

Includes: 'What you will learn', 'what you will do' sections for easy reference and clarity. Plus 'click, learn and do', 'tips', 'problem scenarios' and 'extensions'. With styles, smart tags, web pages, special objects. Available only for Word XP, 2003 and 2007.

"I like the layout of the resources, there is enough on one exercise for a lesson. Gives a good introduction to the practical skills" Z Yousaf - Bennett School