Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha Study Guide for CCEA GCSE English Literature

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is a nostalgic Irish novel which recounts a young boy’s journey towards maturity. While the beginning of the book narrates the child’s mischievous antics, the growing animosity between his parents and the consequences of his father’s departure are soon evident. Explore the novel’s profound themes and faithful narration with in-depth analysis, creative activities and supportive exam preparation.

  1. Walkthrough – Build understanding with insightful and relevant analysis for each chapter.
  2. Whole-text Analysis – Explores: characterisation • themes • setting • ideas and messages • language • structure • form
  3. Revision and exam preparation – Revise the key aspects of the novel through writing-in-role, speaking and listening, and text transformation exercises. Plus! PEE guidance and sample exam questions to practise exam technique.


  • Student-friendly plot summary
  • Original illustrations

Woven into the analysis throughout you will find:

  • Discussion prompts to encourage debate and individual interpretation
  • Useful quotations with analysis to encourage close reading skills
  • Active learning tasks to consolidate understanding and facilitate independent learning
  • Key term definitions to ensure students grasp difficult concepts