Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Separate versions available for Python, C#, Java and VB.NET

A valuable aid to both teaching and learning, this resource not only provides essential programming practice, but also attempts to demystify OOP and promote a deeper understanding of its underlying principles.

  • Five chapters of explanations, examples, pseudo code and real code snippets:
    (1) Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (2) Encapsulation (3) Inheritance and Abstract Methods (4) Polymorphism (5) Class Relationships
  • Probing questions and practical tasks allowing students to demonstrate the relevant understanding and skills at the end of each chapter
  • Three complete programming projects each requiring students to build a complete solution with the aid of skeleton code and UML diagram:
    (1) 4 in a Row (2) Sinking Ships (3) Chess


  • Glossary and crossword reinforce all of the key terminology
  • Full solutions with mark schemes for all questions and tasks!
  • Includes both photocopiable and digital formats of all content!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9752)

Good quality and covers all the requirements of the current A level specifications. As someone who delivers this aspect of the course, I would and I am sure my students would find it useful.

F Ssemwanga (peer reviewer)