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The Excel Range

Microsoft Excel Guides 1 & 2

These resources are designed to help the computer user who wants to learn how to use spreadsheets and, in particuluar Microsoft Excel. They start by scratch so can be used to intoduce pupils from year 7 to sixth formers to spreadsheets and very quickly move into teaching them the features of Excel that they will need - whether for an IT spreadsheets exam or for applying to their work in other subjects.

The resources have been designed as self-learn packs for use by individuals or by ICT teachers in the classroom. It is suggested that pupils work through each sheet and then apply what they have learnt where relevant - and then use the worksheets (see below) to further develop their spreadsheets expertise.

  • ‘Have a Go’ sections reinforce the learning objectives.
  • Each page in the guides concentrates on a separate task.

Guide 1 (Beginner to Intermediate) includes: Orientation, Introduction to Spreadsheets, Text and Numbers in cells, Formatting, Formulae & Replication, Absoloute Formulae, Graphing and useful tips. Page setup, printing and the Excel toolbars are also covered.

Guide 2 (Intermediate to Advanced) includes: Shortcut keys, macros, databases, data forms, data sorting, importing, solver, dialogue boxes, exercises, protecting worksheets. It also revises some aspects of Guide 1, excellent for consolidating students learning, and reminding them of what they may have forgotton.

Worksheets and Tasks 1 & 2

The worksheets take students through step-by-step exercises – ideal for classwork.
  • Guide 1 for Beginner to Intermediate, Guide 2 for Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Perfect for teaching & practising new aspects of Excel.
  • Tasks are longer with hints & tips.
  • Great to practise a variety of skills simultaneously.
  • Use in class or for extension work/homework/assessment.

Guides/Worksheets/Tasks cross-link so they can be used together - each resource can also be used standalone.

Mimic Exercises

This resource is specifically designed to give students practise in formatting their spreadsheets - students ‘mimic’ a data file to a fully formatted version. New 'special features used' section for easy reference & with hints ensure the advanced skills are practised appropriately. Tasks will also give students experience of when Microsoft Excel can be a better tool for producing tables and other documents than Microsoft Word.

The Excel Range has always been highly praised by our customers.