A Level Edexcel Practice Papers

Available for the new specification: C1, C2, C3, C4, M1, M2, S1, S2, FP1, FP2 & FP3

These are perfect facsimiles of the actual examinations following the general style as well as the following the specification exactly. Each test paper on a single page of A4. With full solutions and mark schemes. There are 5 papers per units. These have been very well received.

"The exams were well put together - easy to access and of a format closely mapped to the actual exam...I particularly like the linking to our exam board...mark schemes very useful + 1sheet A4 Q's for easy copying...I agree that the resource interprets the syllabus sensibly and is well balanced." N Hill, Thorpe St Andrew Sch., HoD.

"They provide ready-made practice papers with a v good mark scheme...vital for end of module revision to enhance exam technique." Miss M A Pratley HoD.

"The papers provide extra examples that reinforce work done in class, They are easy to photocopy and distribute to students. I especially like the 'page per topic' and 'page per paper' idea." Sarah Moores, City of Bath College.

Also available: A Level Edexcel Topic Tests

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (184,185,522,1131,1134,1137,1140)

I used this resource for 4 students and all passed... To other full time tutors I would say it will definitely improve your pass and grade stats." J Richardson, private tutor using C1 papers

All my clients got C-A passes and two actually commented that this resource helped a lot!! To any private tutor this will be a valuable resource. An absolute must have!!" J Richardson, private tutor using C2 papers

Perfectly written for Edexcel A-Level specs and pupils have found them useful and easy to read." — B Pointon, Head of Maths at Jo Richardson Community School and ZigZag Customer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3909)

Excellent! A really good set of papers for FP1." — J Kennedy, 2 nd in Maths Dept and Independent Reviewer

An excellent resource, full of really interesting and challenging questions at FP1 level. The students in my school tend to be more able than most, and they would derive great benefit from using these papers as a revision tool... I liked the range and scope of questions, across the whole ability range. In particular the matrices questions were based on understanding rather than mere processing. I also liked the informative nature of the solutions, e.g. brackets to say why the next line follows from the previous etc... an excellent aid to revision in this module- it covers some interesting questions that the textbooks often don't, and it promotes thinking outside the box... the solutions are very precise, without lacking sufficient detail... the style of the questions (being short 1,2,3 marks mainly) means that even the weakest candidates could score well across the whole papers, while also allowing a few more challenging questions for the more able candidates." — K Martin, Teacher, Examiner & Independent Reviewer

Excellent. Very detailed and some tricky questions, which all papers should include to enhance students learning... liked the exam style layout i.e. leading students in a particular direction... Consolidates learning from the FP1 module and requires them to know their stuff in detail because of the tricky questions... How does it match the specification? 100% accurate. The style of questioning is very similar... I think this of excellent standard. It covers everything the students are required to know, including the mod-arg form of a complex number which up until now has not come up in the exam thus no past papers have it... A very well written resource, covering all aspects of the FP1 module in detail. I enjoyed reading and trying some of the questions! ... Would I purchase this resource? Definitely." — S Arif, Further Maths Teacher & Independent Reviewer