Active Revision Guide for OCR Nationals: Sport Studies (2022)

Unit R184: Contemporary Issues in Sport

Updated for the 2022 specification!

Focused, engaging and student-friendly concise revision notes covering all the essentials in manageable chunks. Including revision checklists, revision activities and exam-style questions – easy to use and perfect for exam revision or as end-of-topic summaries.

Also includes:
  1. Revision tips – support exam preparation and encourage methods for knowledge retention
  2. ‘Link-up’ boxes – allowing clear links to be formed between different chapters
  3. Applied activities – offering fun challenges and methods to expand knowledge and understanding
Concise Notes!
  • Logically structured in specification order
  • Key terms and concepts clearly explained throughout
  • Stimulating presentation to maximise retention
Challenging Questions and Activities!
  • Prepare students for top marks with tasks and questions for every topic
  • Exposes students to exam-style tests throughout the course
  • Answers and progress checklists for targeted revision and self-marking!
What teachers said about our previous edition? "Perfect for this course... Will make our students lives a lot easier!

"Engaging and interesting! It clearly outlines the required knowledge and empowers students to [control] their own learning, and gives them the tools to revise effectively.

"Really good and detailed range of questions, which will both challenge and support the pupils in their preparation for the exam. Easy to track their progress and improvements.