Course Companions for NCFE T Level in Education and Early Years

A valuable source for any teacher teaching T levels

S Pye, Corse Leader HSC & Peer Reviewer

Keep students on the right track with these clear and comprehensive course notes for the core component. Relevant to all occupational specialisms and written in student-friendly language.

  • Accessible notes at an appropriate level and in sufficient depth.
  • Creative case studies covering a range of environments and individuals from both teaching and early years settings – build connections between theory and practical application.
  • Thought-provoking images and diagrams
  • End-of-chapter revision questions

Packed with lots of information as well as a range of activities linked to the topic

S Pye, Corse Leader HSC & Peer Reviewer

It meets a range of learning and teaching styles

S Pye, Corse Leader HSC & Peer Reviewer
Build and apply knowledge…
  • ‘Applied Activities’ and ‘Research Activities’ inspire deeper thinking and encourage application of knowledge.
  • Keyword boxes ensure students get to grips with the technical terms.
  • ‘Did you know?’ boxes provide thought-provoking further reading to stretch and challenge high-ability students.

Available for the Core Content::

Paper A, Element 1: Wider Context

Paper A, Element 2: Supporting Education

Paper A, Element 3: Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Wellbeing

Paper A, Element 4: Behaviour

Paper A, Element 5: Parents, Families and Carers

Paper A, Element 6: Working with Others

Paper B, Element 7: Child Development

Paper B, Element 8: Observation and Assessment (Coming Soon!)

Paper B, Element 9: Reflective Practice

Paper B, Element 10: Equality and Diversity

Paper B, Element 11: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Paper B, Element 12: English as an Additional Language

What do teachers say about this resource? (11783)

An excellent resource which students and teachers will love. Lots of good materials that could support both teacher and student with the subject. I liked the layout with the use of images such as the keys and puzzles which will help to extract the key points, I liked the link to the placement and the recapping of questions at the end. This a resource that is useful to help deliver such a large subject, parts can be taken out to help both student and teacher and ensure learning has taken place. I liked the layout and variety of layouts the use of boxes, images and visual cues helps to support learning. It has covered a lot of knowledge but in a way that can be broken down. I feel the resource is blended well embedding a variety of teaching and learning methods. Some sound stretch and challenge activities to deepen learning and understanding

S Pye, Course Leader & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11307)

I thought this resource was packed with lots of information as well as a range of activities linked to the topic. It is an ideal resource to use for supporting such as wide topics such as 'working with others'. I liked the layout, and the sections it was divided into, so any part can be picked out in isolation. I liked the use of the images like the key, the puzzle and magnifying glass, they were good tools to help the students and the teachers use them. The images were not too overpowering. There was nothing that I disliked about it... I think that is going to be such a valuable source for any teacher teaching T levels, the more resources to hand for a teacher the better it can be used to meet the needs of the students in the group. I believe it to be an adaptable resource. I liked the layout, the use of subheadings, and the use of boxes which make it adaptable in its use. I think any student is going to find it useful, and so will a teacher using it. It meets a range of learning and teaching styles. I think it gives a starting point for teachers to use, it aids the students to have a basis of understanding so they can then extend this further in group work. I think it gives a teacher freedom to select from it and use some of the ideas.

S Pye, Corse Leader HSC & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11306)

I think this is a good resource linking to the topic of equality and diversity, with lots of examples of ways to deliver this for teachers. A great tool to help cover such a vast topic. I like the use of case studies and how current it is, its use of tables and the symbols within the work and reminders that will help the student in their learning. The use of clear information and then the linked applied activity I think is great in embedding the student's understanding of equality and diversity. I like the review questions at the end of each section as a good way to consolidate. The breadth of this resource can help any teacher ensure that they delivering the topic. The use of questions, case studies, and research are good tools to help any teacher deliver. I like the detail in the guidance for the teacher in the revision questions great to help any teacher in ensuring they are covering what might be within the exam. The detail included in this resource and the guidance it gives teachers it will help any teacher who is delivering a T level. It links to legislation well as well as practice and what is current today so it links very well to the specification of equality and diversity. An excellent resource.

S Pye, Course Leader & Peer Reviewer