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Bumper Pack of Super Spanish Starters!

“These activities are designed to get pupils flexing those brain cells with a bit of problem solving whilst improving their own learning and performance."
S Darnell, author


Bumper Pack of Super Spanish Starters!

Spanish GCSE AQA

Starter activities differentiated at two levels: 86 worksheets for GCSE AQA Spanish!

  • PLTS
  • Required GCSE vocab

A highly styled set of worksheets packed full of engaging activities to get students really thinking at the beginning of lessons. With answers for every activity.

  • New 2008 specifications!
  • Cross-referenced to AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, CCEA
  • Follows topic order of AQA
  • Activities for every topic & subtopic on the new GCSE AQA spec!
  • For foundation and higher – with additional extension activities!
  • Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills in every task!

"Very easy to use and engaging starters to topic areas that create a good link between revision of vocabulary met in KS3 and additional new GCSE related vocabulary… Vocabulary used is very relevant."
S Klabuhn, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer


"A useful stimulus for thinking skills and revision… There is a very good variety and I’m sure everyone could find something useful here."
C Davenport, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer


"I particularly like the variety of activities. The author has some very good ideas for activities which make the pupils think"
M Wall, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer