Topic Tests for BTEC Tech Award (2017)

Encourage reflective learners with these progressive topic-by-topic question banks written for every topic from Components 1, 2 and 3 of the 2017 BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care specification.

I really like the versatility......

...It can be used for flipped learning before a taught lesson... used for consolidation during lesson... or set as homework!

N Lowe, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Contains 7–10 carefully structured write-on tests – great for consolidating learning at the end of a topic in class, for revision or as homeworks.

  • Range of question styles – from multiple choice to extended exam-style questions – perfect preparation for the assignments and exam
  • Authentic Case Studies and images present students with real-life applications and perspective.
  • Detailed answers and mark allocations – great for peer- and self-assessment!

Supports formative assessment and enables learners to gauge attainment of knowledge at regular intervals, which students will benefit from enormously

C Hutchinson, Head of Faculty & Peer Reviewer

Tests carefully designed to last for 30 to 45 mins each!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9985)

I think the resource is very thorough and covers all the assessment criteria for component 3. Learners will can follow the resource and work towards the grading criteria, by making sure they have included the correct information. The questions are in enough detail to enable learners to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding needed so that they have a solid foundation to build their knowledge on. Keywords and definitions are reflected within the style of questions in a way that is accessible to students of all ability levels. I particularly like the way it is structured, it is simple to follow and enables me to check that students have understood the content. Questions are well structured and evenly distributed with excellent suggested responses. This resource enhances the learners learning, particularly the higher ability learners where the variety of questions will challenge their thinking and enables the teacher to debate and discuss key concepts and ideas further. The balance of writing and images to support the learners is right, it breaks up the resource well for the learners and doesn't overload them with too much information. I would definitely use this resource for teaching and learning. I think the learners would definitely benefit from this to support their learning in preparation for the external assessment.

S Pye, Course Leader & Peer Reviewer

I think it is a comprehensive resource that covers all of the content in this component. It will be a useful way to reinforce the content that needs to be learnt for this component especially since the other components are not examined and so, therefore, do not need to be learnt. I like the use of case studies, so that students can apply their new knowledge to a real life situation. This will help to consolidate their learning. There is a really comprehensive answer section which not only saves a teacher time, but helps a non specialist or single person department. There is a range of activities, from easier to harder, such as multiple choice, true or false (but with scope for extension through having to provide justification), explaining activities and then questions with points available for answers. I think it is well presented, in a clear format that could be used straight from the page in lessons. I think the fonts and headings are student friendly and there is a good use of images to accompany the text. It matches [the specification] completely. Each section of the specification is assessed in the order in which it appears on the exam board documentation. I don't teach it in this order but each section is clearly labelled so this will not be a problem. I think it is fit for purpose and I will find it very useful with my year 11 students as we prepare for the mock exams and then the actual exams.

M Carter, Head of Health and Social Care & Peer Reviewer

I would recommend this resource to anyone who is about to embark on this section of the course. It provides easy to understand scaffolded assessment practice activities that help prepare learners for assessment. The resource has a logical flow, but can also be dipped in and out of when needed by the teacher/assessor to support where necessary. It is clearly laid out and easy to follow, and the sections are clearly defined. The resource supports formative assessment and enable learners to gauge attainment of knowledge at regular intervals which students will benefit from enormously. Written in a very accessible style, with lots of different scaffolded questions from multiple choice to extended answers supported by a case study... [it] covers of all the underpinning knowledge, content and understanding needed at level 2 to ensure that learners are fully prepared for this course. It helps in preparation for the external assessment. [It] would be invaluable to gauge student learning... A very valuable resource especially for those taking up HSC for the first time.

C Hutchinson, Head of Faculty & Peer Reviewer

I really like the versality of this resource... It can be used for flipped learning before a taught lesson, it could be used for consolidation during lesson or could even be set as homework. I also like that this resources includes different types of questions, which can be attempted by lower attainers and stretch the most able students. It is great for peer and self-assessment in lesson, or as a way of tracking students for intervention purposes. This resources enhances learning as it gives students the opportunity to stretch their knowledge of the requirements of the exam board... gives them lots of opportunities to gain practise... allows learners to develop their exam technique, make mistakes and learn from them so that they maximise their potential in the exam. This resource is extremely valuable to teachers as it allows us to monitor progress and challenge misconceptions.

N Lowe, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10709)

A good resource as it has a range of different types of questions. [I like the] simplicity of structure, that it cover all areas of the specification. The range in the types of questions asked ensures students are able to recall key knowledge, then be able to apply and address the assessment criteria they will require to complete the assignment. Nice and clear presentation and layout... I liked the use of tables and mind maps to be completed amongst the written and extended questions. Matches all areas of the Component 2 content really well... It has questions on the different types if care services, the barriers to accessing care as well as the 7 care values and reflecting on own practice.

R Roberts, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Really like this resource. Covers the specification and is student friendly. I liked the range of questions types asked and the use of case studies for application of learning. Provides a structure of exploring context and could also be used as consolidation homework. Well laid out and appropriate use of images and tables

V Taylor , SENCo and Teacher of HSC & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10504)

This resource is well organised and explains to the teacher how it can complement each and every lesson. The tasks match the specification flawlessly and there a good range of tasks available. I really like that range of questions available, it is well differentiated and has visuals, such as pictures to engage the students. I like the teachers introduction which helps me understand the purpose of the resource. The mixture of Multiple choice, Short-answer and Long-answer questions ensure that all students can make progress. There are limited exam style questions available for component 1 and component 2, as these are internally assessed. Therefore, this resource is invaluable. Answers are included to ensure they are marked easily.

D Ojjeh, Head of Health and social care & Peer Reviewer

Very well planned resource that closely follows the spec for this unit. This resource will help with identifying gaps in learning and misconceptions. Interprets and matches the specification well, includes all key elements which are taught in this unit.

E Rossi, Subject leader & Peer Reviewer