Multiple Choice Questions for A Level AQA Biology

A superb revision tool to develop cognitive retrieval practice by challenging the thought processes behind incorrect answers.

  • Each pack contains two sets of over 100 original questions with answers, testing every topic in the new specification for practice of all skills.
  • Covers applied knowledge, facts and calculations.

But it gets better!

  • Answers for the first set of 100 questions have fully worked solutions and step-by-step explanations of incorrect answers. Students self-mark, learn how they went wrong and develop effective strategies.
  • Students then apply these new skills to a second set of 100 questions to reinforce learning - a fantastic boost to exam preparation!

Perfect for revision, cover lessons or independent study, with no teacher preparation required.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9983)

Useful! It is better than other resources because there is less for pupils to write and easy to mark. Very useful during remote teaching!
I particularly like this resource because:
- Easy to test knowledge and understanding without a lot of writing by pupils or work by staff.
- Answers, marks + feedback released quickly.
Worth buying!

Dr A Jancis, HoD & Peer Reviewer

This is a useful revision resource which would hopefully get students really thinking about the details and appreciating the deep knowledge that they have to have to achieve well at A Level. The detail provided on the answer sheets is excellent to have. It's not only useful for a (tired) teacher, but also if students are self or peer assessing.

E Benton, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9984)

A very useful resource with a good range of questions. I liked the explained answers in the mark scheme. Tightly written, covers the specification. Great for spot tests, reinforcement of lesson themes, starters/plenaries and great for revision. Very comprehensive and thorough resource.

M Smith, Teacher & Peer Reviewer