Topic Tests for GCSE AQA A: Components 1 & 2

Comprehensive topic-by-topic tests with full coverage of GCSE AQA A Components 1 and 2 (2016 spec).

A brilliant resource with excellent detail and great understanding of the specification

K Norrell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

  • Tests designed to last 45 minutes each, fitting perfectly into a single lesson or homework
  • Test provided in both write-on format for ease of use and non-write-on format to save photocopying
  • Also includes student progress tracker to help students identify areas for improvement

Track your students’ progress and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for class recap or individual student support.

  • 4–6 tests cover all religion/theme content in specification order – use throughout the year, flexible to fit your scheme of work
  • Short fact-based questions and longer application questions test knowledge and understanding
  • Clear mark allocations plus detailed mark schemes and guidance for easy assessment

What do teachers say about this resource? (9965)

Fantastic... An excellent resource that caters well to students. It provides a wide range of questions to challenge their knowledge of the specification and includes a wide variety of questions to cater to all abilities. Enhances learning by questioning students on their subject knowledge and highlighting to them the areas they need to revise. It also highlights to students exactly what they should know and gives them short, quick questions to answer as a revision tool which I believe is invaluable. I would definitely purchase this resource for my teaching and would definitely use this in my lessons to gain a better understanding of students subject knowledge for each section and also set these for homework to give students some tailored revision tasks. A brilliant resource with excellent detail and great understanding of the specification included.

K Norrell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A great resource. It offers a range of different styled questions which tests students knowledge and understanding of key Christian beliefs and practices. It is suitable for all abilities and it is clear what each question is asking the students to do. The mark scheme is easy to follow as it is very clear. It could be used as a peer marking tool if needed as well as to be used by non-specialist teachers. This would be a fantastic resource to use within the classroom as it is versatile as an end of topic test but also as a revision resource to test students knowledge of the different sections within the Christianity section of the exam.

L Murley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An effective resource... It will be a real time saver for a lot of teachers. There are a variety of questions that are being asked. The questions are accessible to all abilities. They draw on the skills of the exam board e.g. recognition, explanation and evaluation. There is support in place to help students. There is also the opportunity for students to think about evidence and its meaning. It would be easy to use in the classroom. The tasks can be set as a longer piece of work, homework or some questions can be used at the start of lessons or as a plenary. The resource can be used in a flexible way in the classroom. It also covers all aspects of the course. The resource can be used in particular for revision and retrieval practice. It can also be used in lessons as short activities to check understanding. It has educational value because it draws on key knowledge and understanding as well as encouraging students to think about other people’s points of views.

G Apps, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A very good resource - it fits the specification well and covers many of the key aspects as well as some additional material that isn''t assessed in the text book. The layout is good. I like the structure of the tests - it flows nicely and is easy to understand. The tests have a great variety of activities which should be accessible to all students. The tests include many useful learning prompts, such as key terms and quotes, and could therefore be used as a revision resources as well as an end of topic test.

M Wilkes, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good way to summarise and test each of the points on the specification... This resource is useful to help students identify the gaps in their knowledge. Due to the whole of the topic being covered in each test any gaps or misunderstandings will be quickly identified. There are a variety of questions which makes the test interesting and engaging for pupils. The mark scheme is explicit and easy to use. Pupils and teachers will be able to use this to identify areas of strength and weakness. By using the mark scheme students will be able to add more detail to their answers and clearly plan their revision using their incorrect answers as a guide to what they need to revise for their exams.

R Goodier, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10151)

A comprehensive resource covering every aspect of the course content. The range of questions and the format is varying and maintains the readers interest. The student progress grid is particularly user friendly. The grid not only gives a clear and concise overview of all areas students are required to revise, it also allows students to record their results from the tests featured in the resource. The verity in this resource enhances learning as it enable students to practice different skills. The questions encourage students to apply different exam techniques such as, explain and evaluate. This is an excellent resource overall, the content covered is accurate and plentiful.

L Stott, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource that is adaptable to suit the teachers and students needs. It covers a wide range of lessons and is very in-depth. It is both challenging and accessible for all learning abilities as the tasks are asking students for different things, this will make students stay engaged with the resource.The range of tasks used in each topic were also perfect for teachers who are not used to exam marking as it does not require exam marking knowledge, so it would make an ideal revision lesson, end of unit progress checker or even as a homework task. The use of key words throughout is excellent as it is constantly checking that students are using and understanding what these key terms mean. It also sticks to the command words used in AQA such as 'give', ' explain', 'define'. The educational value of this resource is excellent. Students would be able to work independently on this task and be able to know what part of the topic they need to focus on the most to enhance their own learning. It takes students from being a invisible learner to a visible learner as they are being active in what they have to do to succeed at their GCSE.

L Murley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10150)

Very good and compliments the AQA specification very well. I can imagine using this resource either as intermittent tests or as homework tasks, and the mark scheme at the end is highly suitable for self or peer assessment. contains questions in a variety of formats. I like the fact that there are both long and short questions, broken up with fill in the blanks activities etc. I think that it will retain student interest for the duration as tasks are nicely 'chunked'. I feel that the student tracker, along with the accessible mark scheme at the end lends this resource very well to being used as an assessment for learning tool. I think it matches the specification very well; it includes all the key words necessary and covers many topic areas in detail. It even follows the order of the content according to the text books so it really is a resource that can be immediately used alongside classroom teaching.

M Wilkes, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A well thought out resource. It contained a range of questions which are designed for students to think deeply. It was linked heavily to the specification and included key words that students must know in order to gain a Level 4 and above. I really liked the student progress tracker as it was laid out well, it would be easy to see students progression before and after the test. I also liked the range of activities that was included, they suited different ability levels and could be accessed by all. The resource can also be used as different tools i.e. homework, revision or as an assessment. This means that it would suit all teachers who are teaching this specification as they can tailor it to suit the students needs.

L Murley, Teacher of Religious Studies & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10216)

The basic questions assess knowledge and understanding whereas the evaluation questions are challenging whilst still being accessible - it is a good mix. This resource also supports students to improve their own learning by providing accessible mark schemes to use.

M Wilkes, Teacher & Peer Reviewer