Topic Tests for GCSE AQA A: Components 1 & 2

Comprehensive topic-by-topic tests with full coverage of GCSE AQA A Components 1 and 2 (2016 spec).

  • Tests designed to last 45 minutes each, fitting perfectly into a single lesson or homework
  • Test provided in both write-on format for ease of use and non-write-on format to save photocopying
  • Also includes student progress tracker to help students identify areas for improvement

Track your students’ progress and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for class recap or individual student support.

  • 4–6 tests cover all religion/theme content in specification order – use throughout the year, flexible to fit your scheme of work
  • Short fact-based questions and longer application questions test knowledge and understanding
  • Clear mark allocations plus detailed mark schemes and guidance for easy assessment

What do teachers say about this resource? (9965)

A good way to summarise and test each of the points on the specification... This resource is useful to help students identify the gaps in their knowledge. Due to the whole of the topic being covered in each test any gaps or misunderstandings will be quickly identified. There are a variety of questions which makes the test interesting and engaging for pupils. The mark scheme is explicit and easy to use. Pupils and teachers will be able to use this to identify areas of strength and weakness. By using the mark scheme students will be able to add more detail to their answers and clearly plan their revision using their incorrect answers as a guide to what they need to revise for their exams.

R Goodier, Teacher & Peer Reviewer