Of Mice and Men GCSE Activity Pack (first teaching 2015)

Suitable for: WJEC

Of Mice and Men has survived yet another dramatic change in the GCSE specifications. And why? Simply because students love the story of tragedy, loneliness, but above all, hope. This activity pack provides a variety of stimulating, ready-to-use activities, allowing students to develop a detailed understanding of all aspects of Steinbeck’s powerful novel.

An essential purchase for any English department

J Sharrock, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Activities include:

  • Insightful questions
  • Stimulating reading and writing tasks
  • Pair and group work
  • Creative activities for visual and kinaesthetic learners
  • Appealing tasks based on modern media
  • Quiz questions

Carefully considered structure develops understanding:

  1. Build a foundation for learning and get students interested with introductory pre-reading exercises.
  2. Dig deeper with text-based activities. Every key event is explored through a range of thought-provoking tasks.
  3. Consolidate knowledge with whole-text activities focusing on: Characterisation • Relationships • Setting • Themes • Ideas and Messages • Language • Form • Structure • Context

Well informed, well researched and professionally presented

R Getty, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

All activities are perfectly matched to the GCSE Assessment Objectives, and the fantastic structure makes the pack accessible for your whole class – differentiation is built in.

I am very impressed by the calibre of the resource

E Stasteforth, HoD & Customer (1st edition)

An ideal complement to the Study Guide for this text.

Plus! Suggested answers for questions and activities included.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9950)

This is yet another excellent resource from this author... Assessment Objectives are clearly linked to each task. The worksheets are student friendly; tables are used for character analysis tasks and appropriate illustrations are used to engage students... Comparisons to other novels are used including the extract from Wilde. There are comprehensive links to Great Depression, racism and the American dream. Guidance is given on how to use the PEE structure... there are brilliant speaking and listening group tasks which could easily be used for assessments. All these aspects make this pack an essential purchase for any English department... The presentation and layout are both really student friendly... this resource is brilliant... Thanks again - this author has produced yet another fantastic resource. I will find it most useful!

J Sharrock, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Another great resource!... I really like the style this writer has in preparing teaching materials. The worksheets encourage students to truly explore the language and writing. For example, p13 allows even weaker students to pick up on the significance of events they may not have stopped to consider. I would use sheets like this for differentiation, giving weaker students this to guide them and stronger students a completely blank template based on the same idea. The tasks are engaging and creative, allowing students to practise a variety of skills in their reading and writing.

A Baiden, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Excellent... a very detailed, professional and well-presented resource... The sections are clearly focused on key aspects of the text, very detailed analysis of characters and plot as well as related to exam questions and technique. Makes good use of PEE chain... Excellent presentation... I particularly liked the clear use of the logo for AOs on each section... I have taught this text for the past 5 years and have a lot of resources for it but I really found this resource offered a fresh perspective, some lovely ideas for teaching and a helpful approach to tailoring my teaching to the new spec.

N Fleming, Assistant Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Well informed, well researched and professionally presented... The different Cultures and Literature section was interesting and very helpful... the historical context... is extremely important in the enrichment of learning as it provides background to the text giving the pupils a better understanding of how the world around the narrative was at the time the novel was set.

R Getty, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Excellent resource for GCSE, all specifications... activities are comprehensive and accessible to a range of abilities... It helps students to gain a full understanding of the context of the novel and background on characters and situations... pictures and illustrations make this an enjoyable pack. Superb!... I teach AQA and tutor WJEC and would use for both of these specs. It matches the AOs as students need knowledge and understanding of the novel and guidance for writing about it under exam conditions... cloze activities are very good and examples of quotations with students to fill in "effects". The drama and speaking and listening activities are very good... there is a good balance between oral and written activities.

S Fallon, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

I am very impressed by the calibre of the resource... Clear break downs of themes and relevant quotes good for low-ability students... Opportunities to stretch the able and also clarify for lower-ability students. Gives confidence to those who have not taught it before... It is much better value than LOTS of other resources on the market...

E Stasteforth, HoD & Customer (1st edition)

Excellent. It helped us to write a SoW quickly and successfully... Makes our life easier and the understanding of students better... straightforward and ready-to-use worksheets... It is a real time saver and grade improver.

A Pattinson, Deputy HoD & Customer (1st edition)

Excellent... it includes language focus relevant to the GCSE Eng Lang spec... I can always recommend ZigZag materials because they are so useful.

S Rollins, English teacher & Customer (1st edition)

A very good resource... a valuable teaching tool for any teacher of Of Mice and Men. It would reduce teacher workload at the planning stage... It contains variety of texts and activities. It is extremely well produced and appeals to learners of all abilities... enhances learning by consolidating knowledge and understanding of the background , characters and themes of the text. The range of activities ensures less-able students are engaged... It is clear that the importance of context is emphasised throughout the resource in the way social, cultural and historical contexts are explored and integrated into discussion of themes and characters... Layout and presentation are excellent. The resource is particularly visual... Its potentially powerful impact on learners ensures immediate engagement and sustained interest... adeptly matches and interprets the specification. Assessment objectives are clearly addressed... I would purchase this resource for my teaching and to support the teaching of members of my department as it provides valuable learning opportunities

E Hewitt, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Comprehensive yet accessible coverage of characterisation, setting, language and structure of the novel... There are a range of tasks allowing students to access the text regardless of their ability range. The logic of the organisation of the resource means that it would also be suitable for use by tutors or independent learners as it clearly provides a pathway through the novel... Very pleased with the layout - had a 'freshness'

T Kenney, HoD & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Good and appropriate to the level written for... teacher introduction was detailed and helpful... The resource enhances learning due to the specific questions asked to evoke responses from students - it led to great discussions about the characters. Extension activites were good for faster students or G and T... Easy to follow and clear.

C Barker, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Very useful, especially for NQTs... presented in a logical format... [matches] WJEC very well

B Birchall, Assistant Principal & Customer (1st edition)

I really liked the worksheets and I think the students would enjoy working with them. They cover all the aspects which are necessary for the exam preparation... I particularly liked the Talking and Listening assessment of the court case as I think that would not only enhance learning... but also offer good time management enabling the teacher to get a T&L assessment done as well... Use of layout and illustrations is attractive and would engage the pupils.

L Hagan, HoD & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)