GCSE AQA A Cover Lessons: Component 1

Available for Christianity and Islam

Six fully resourced, stand-alone cover lessons ensure that, whichever area of Christianity you are teaching, you will always have relevant, high-quality cover – even for unplanned absences!

Ready-made student worksheets – no prep needed, just photocopy and go!

Structured and progressive lessons that cover teachers can pick up easily:

  • Focused lesson objectives define clear learning outcomes
  • Key information sections cover everything students need to know for each lesson – no subject specialist or teacher input required
  • Varied, accessible tasks keep students engaged and on-task for the whole lesson
    • Creative extensions keep even the fastest students busy and double up as homework

Everything that you and your cover teacher need:

  • Lesson overview grid for quick and easy decision-making
  • Full answers for self-, peer- or teacher-marking

What do teachers say about this resource? (9904)

Really useful and well thought out. Good to have lesson overview grid. I like the modern approach such as the outline of the mobile phones to interpret the creation quotes. Really enjoy the range of activities. [It] would really help students to understand the syllabus. Outstanding layout, varied and interesting. [Matches the specification] perfectly

R Sayles, HoD & Peer Reviewer