GCSE AQA A Cover Lessons: Component 1

Available for Christianity and Islam

Six fully resourced, stand-alone cover lessons ensure that, whichever area of Christianity you are teaching, you will always have relevant, high-quality cover – even for unplanned absences!

Ready-made student worksheets – no prep needed, just photocopy and go!

Structured and progressive lessons that cover teachers can pick up easily:

  • Focused lesson objectives define clear learning outcomes
  • Key information sections cover everything students need to know for each lesson – no subject specialist or teacher input required
  • Varied, accessible tasks keep students engaged and on-task for the whole lesson
    • Creative extensions keep even the fastest students busy and double up as homework

Everything that you and your cover teacher need:

  • Lesson overview grid for quick and easy decision-making
  • Full answers for self-, peer- or teacher-marking

What do teachers say about this resource? (10165)

an excellent set of cover lessons for AQA Islam. It incorporates key aspects that students are meant to study and the tasks are engaging and suited to that age range. The resource had the relevant information needed for the students to be able to complete the tasks.The lessons were well thought out, with easy to follow instructions for the teacher but also for the person who has to set the cover work. The Lesson Overview Grid is extremely helpful as it clearly shows the intentions of each lesson, key terms and resources needed. Meaning the teacher who has to organise the cover work would be able to have this lesson ready within minutes. It also has a good amount of tasks included which should take the whole lesson to complete, meaning there is no need for students to have nothing to do as the tasks are well designed to suit abilities.

L Murley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9904)

Really useful and well thought out. Good to have lesson overview grid. I like the modern approach such as the outline of the mobile phones to interpret the creation quotes. Really enjoy the range of activities. [It] would really help students to understand the syllabus. Outstanding layout, varied and interesting. [Matches the specification] perfectly

R Sayles, HoD & Peer Reviewer